Outside of the central A/C and into nature

We call it the lodge because that’s what my dad called it.

And he was the one who helped his grandpa build it.

So maybe it was my great grandpa who came up with calling it the lodge. All the men in my family were hunters for generations. and so having a place that you could go hunting was undoubtedly super important to the men in my family. When I was a kid, my dad would take me up there for deer hunting. It was great to be outside of the central air conditioning of our home and out in nature. However, I just wasn’t all that into the idea of killing such beautiful animals. Of course, my dad explained to me that I eat something that was killed almost every day, then death was part of our reality and that goes with hunting. Still, I left the air conditioning of house less and less the older I became. When dad died, I inherited the lodge and initially thought I would just sell it. However, having 30 acres of pristine land undoubtedly offered me pause for thought. Additionally, I had children of my own who I wanted to experience the lodge with. But the lodge needed a whole lot of renovations to make that happen. We started by adding residential HVAC to that space. The HVAC professionals installed 3 ductless heat pumps in that lodge. It’s a large structure and I’m impressed with how well the ductless heat pumps give the heating and cooling we need. Once we placed the residential HVAC, we turned our attention to other new conveniences like wi-fi and replaced dining room appliances, now the lodge is anywhere my whole family blows to get-together to celebrate being in nature.
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