Call to the HVAC supplier

It’s February and I’m not sure that I’m going to make it to spring.

  • Where I come from, February is when the first indicator of spring happens.

I come from the south and we see pollen dusting our cars and stuff outside during February. That was always when my dad would make the call to the HVAC supplier. The heat pump would have been pretty dormant all winter. So dad always made sure that we got an air conditioning tune up before we needed a bunch of air conditioning. I used to complain so much about the heat and humidity we had to deal with. Now, I can’t believe I ever opened my mouth about the weather where I come from. I’m just trying to survive the winter time up here without losing my mind. I can’t go anywhere. I go from the furnace heating of my cabin to the commercial HVAC of the office and that’s it. I don’t want to be exposed to the cold any longer than that. Shoot, I don’t even enjoy opening the door when I order a pizza. And I have a space furnace stashed underneath my desk so I don’t freeze inside the commercial HVAC at my desk. Thankfully, I bought a home that had a new gas furnace. This was all because of my awesome realtor who made sure that new residential HVAC was happening. She even went so far to have a guy come out and winterize the home for me. So while I’m hating this kind of winter, at least the new gas furnace keeps me pretty toasty inside my house.



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