Isaac, asking the HVAC teacher questions

Isaac wasn’t immediately sure after high school what he wanted to do with his life.

  • His parents weren’t the pushy type of parents who are always on your case.

Instead, they provided him room to explore and discover the route he wanted to take. Instead of staying home, Isaac found work at a local department store selling sporting goods. He’d participated in several activities in high school, so this job was right up his alley. One day at the store, there was an issue with the store’s heating and cooling system. Isaac was the one opening, as well as he noticed the cooling component wasn’t working. The store felt hot and muggy, since it was summer, so he told the director and the issue. About an hour later, an HVAC business showed up to check out the system for the store. It’s while he was working on the component that Isaac started to speak with the HVAC business. He spoke about his job, how the industry is set up, the course she took in school, as well as even how much she earns. Isaac felt this was the right thing to do, and the more he conversed with the technician, the more he was determined to work in the HVAC business That night, she had a talk with her parents as well as they agreed to spend my money for him to take his HVAC certification course at the community university. Isaac was well on his way to becoming an HVAC technician. He even found a teacher he liked; then he became a fantastic educator. Always asking questions. Isaac was eager to learn to get his certification.

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