Checking the house for holes and cracks in doors and windows

I have to admit that it has been an awful warm winter season so far.

There have really not been too many really cold days. Lately, the cold weather has come upon us. I can tell it has become colder outside, because my house feels colder. I can feel that there must be a draft coming into my home. I called the HVAC technician about this. I did not think that there was a reason to have to higher the temperature on my thermostat. The only way my house would be feeling colder is because of a hole somewhere. When I called the HVAC company, I made them aware of all of my concerns. The HVAC technician showed up to my home with the necessary tools to fix the situation. He inspected the house. Every corner, crack, door and window was checked. He did end up finding some small holes around the house. There was nothing too large however. He was able to fix this with some spray foam. The spray foam is a foam that fills in holes and cracks. It dries really hard and seals that place where air gets in or out. While he told me he filled all of them. I also may need to look into getting new insulation filled in behind the walls. It only lasts for so long. If the problem persists, he suggested to make another appointment to get the insulation checked too. I did not want to have to call the HVAC business again though. I lived with what I had even though it still did not seem quite right.

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