The automated HVAC controls help track the staff

I can’t always be in the building, but it’s nice to be able to watch where all of my employees are at any time of the night. Automated HVAC controls help track the staff by providing me with information based on the sensors. The HVAC integrated sensors help with building occupancy by detecting movement and presence in various areas throughout the building. The HVAC system stays shut down unless motion is detected in a specific zone. This helps save our business a lot of energy and money. The HVAC monitoring system provides me with data on the relative humidity, temperature, and whether or not the zone was occupied during that specific time frame. There are lots of different controls that make the system very user friendly and it is integrated into the same system that I use for automated lighting. The automated lighting controls and HVAC monitoring system make it possible for me to monitor parts of my building individually and that helps me see where I can save energy and spend less money. When I can save on waste, I definitely pass on the savings to all of my consumers. Last year, the building automation system saved me 3% on overall heating, ventilation, cooling, and lighting and that’s the net profit after I pay for the system controls and usage. It’s easy to see that automating HVAC and lighting can deter crime, save money, and help you keep track of movements throughout the building. With so many positive benefits, it’s no wonder so many business owners turn to automated solutions.
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