The sewer line was backed up and needed to be scrubbed

My neighbor and I were helping out a neighbor with a job… He is an independent building contractor and he specializes in drywall projects; My neighbor and I were helping with the drywall project, then the home was already half done at the time, then one of the items that was finished was the plumbing and all of the contractors were using the indoor plumbing during the afternoon when my associate and I were working.

My contractor neighbor went to grab supplies at the local hardware store, while he was gone, my neighbor decided to use the powder room.

We had Mexican food that afternoon for brunch and my neighbor was in the powder room for a while. My coworker joined me and then I continued with the drywall, then just a small number of minutes later, my associate and I started to stink the most horrible and disgusting smell coming from inside of the powder room. The door was closed, however the stink was unbearable. When my neighbor and I saw brown water coming under the door, my associate and I rushed into the powder room and saw that the sewer was backed up. I immediately called the contractor and informed him that the sewer line was backed up. We tried to service the toilet, however that did not help at all. We had to turn the water off at the street until my neighbor came back with supplies. Thankfully, the issue wasn’t our fault. The sewer line was backed up outside and a plumbing contractor had to be contacted as well as the homeowner. I thought my associate and I were going to lose our jobs if that sewer line issue was our fault.

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