The custom chair is perfect for my dad

Finding furniture that is absolutely perfect in every way is easy for a lot of people, but my dad is almost 7 ft tall and he has a very difficult time finding furniture that is well made.

  • Couches and sofas are usually two small and the chairs are not made for guys that are taller than six five.

My dad’s legs stick out longer than the lazy boy. My dad always complained about the chair. I thought it would be a nice gift to get my dad a custom chair that is made for people that are tall. I spoke with a couple of different custom furniture makers. One of the custom furniture guys suggested going with a rocker recliner that was made for a guy that was his height. Having the custom chair made for my dad was one of the best ideas that I ever had. I surprised my dad with the chair at christmas. He was incredibly shocked to see that the chair fit him perfectly. I even had a couple of extras added to the chair. There is a pocket on the side of the chair where my dad can’t put the remote controls and his phone. There’s also room in the arm of the chair for a six pack of beer and the temperature stays cool as long as the chair is plugged into the wall. My dad absolutely loves the chair and he spends all of his time in it. My mom wanted to know the name of the custom furniture maker, because she is thinking about getting a sofa made for the den.

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