Stray dog parking right by my heater

One winter ago, on a Tuesday evening arriving home from work, I noticed a small dog on my porch.

I have never seen the dog around the neighborhood before, but there he was looking right at me and whining incessantly.

I might have ignored the dog if the rapidly changing temperatures were easier. I really would not have even left food out, because you think that just attracts more stray dogs coming to the door. However, it was a chilly 28 degrees outside in addition to I could see that the poor thing was shivering in addition to clearly had not eaten for a while. I made the choice to let the dog inside my home. I have a pretty heavy duty little gas furnace. My home was nice in addition to toasty despite the weather. The dog almost immediately jumped up on my coach in addition to fell asleep truly hastily. I knew it must have easily been loving the warmth from my furnace. It found itself in such a heated & cozy environment that it could not help but sleep! I knew it must still be quite hungry, so I went back out the store real quick to get some cat food in addition to even a litter box. I was planning on keeping the dog, I did not want it going to the washroom on my floor! When I returned home, the dog was still in the same spot on the couch, curled up in addition to enjoying the warmth, he perked up to the food that I provided him in addition to I did my best to keep him from eating too fast.



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