I am way colder than most

I don’t seem to retain any sort of body heat at all. I seem to get cold, when by rights, I easily shouldn’t be. I can be at home or at the office or out at a restaurant someplace with a big group of people. Not a single soul will be talking about how low the temperature control is being set, in addition to yet there I will be, feeling freezing, rubbing my hands together, in addition to feeling my teeth moving. I’ve been in a relationship with my girlfriend for only a month in addition to yet I am already worrying about what her temperature control needs are. What if both of us eventually end up living together in addition to she adores to set the temperature at a cold level on the temperature control? I don’t always want to be cold. My home is pretty much the only venue where I have complete control over the temperature of my environment in addition to I don’t want to give that up anytime soon! She would easily know that it was really warm from the lack of a/c that I use, even during the summer. Meanwhile, I am perfectly content. I know I could get used to bundling up in a bunch of layers like I do when I go out. However, I would appreciate to be naturally comfortable in the home that I live in. I want to be wearing whatever I want. Not to mention how much money I save setting a good temperature on the temperature control, at least during the warmer months.


a/c repair