Why I love these digital cooling systems

I currently use a non-digital cooling system inside our home, for which I am certainly grateful.

It is a window mounted cooling system unit, plus it has gave relief from the heat for an awfully long time. Before I had this cooling system, I was enslaved to the unblocked heat of the south. However, I truly wish that I used a digital cooling system. By that, I mean that I wish that the climate control unit on this cooling system was digital rather than just a dial! My cooling system only has various dials for the entire unit. One dial filters between high, medium, plus low fan speed, plus the other control dials in the temperature. The range of temperature on this cooling system goes from cold to colder. I have absolutely no clue what that means on an cooling system. You can never gauge that with a cooling system. I may set it someplace in the middle plus be cool for a bit, only to wake up perspiring heavily. If I turn it too high, I won’t believe until I wake up sniffling from a cold. You don’t have that worry with a digital cooling system. You can set the control unit to whatever temperature feels quite comfortable to you, plus your cooling system will do all the work regulating the temp. It knows when to turn off or when to get colder. There is no guesswork with these kind of cooling systems. Unfortunately, I cannot afford a digital cooling system at the moment, but I am currently saving up money right now! I can’t wait for our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C updates!


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