If you adjust the control unit you better change it back.

My company recently had the single largest electric bill that both of us have ever gotten. I could try to complain and moan that this is an unfortunate effect of the worsening economy that is making it harder and harder to survive financially. However, this electric bill was actually the result of a human error in regards to the climate control unit plus our cooling system, and last week, our company hosted a major company social event in which both of us invited all of the local small company owners from our local area to encourage each other to keep fighting. There were a lot of people, so both of us had the central cooling system running to keep the room from feeling enjoy the combustion chamber of the oil furnace. Thankfully, the cooling system held up to the job set before it, plus both of us had absolutely no strong concerns with the cooling system. When everybody left, it was our job to remember to set the climate control unit for the normal setting, which was warmer throughout the week, especially on an evening when both of us didn’t need the cooling system. However, I walked through the door plus forgot all about the cooling system. Throughout that week, I never noticed that the cooling system was cooler than usual. Normally, both of us programmed cooling system on a schedule plus don’t believe about it. It wasn’t until the end of that month that I remembered to reset the control unit. However, the damage was already done. The cooling system settings had caused the electricity bill to go through the roof, plus there was nobody to blame besides myself. I am sure that I am never going to be able to live this down.