What to do with ground bees

My dad is honestly particular about her grass maintenance! She takes better care of her shrubbery plus her landscaping than anyone else that I know. He’s always outside puttering around in the garden, planting new flowers or shrubs, or trimming up the trees. So when she found ground bees in the backyard, she was super aggravated plus upset! I told him that she should entirely call a bee removal expert to get rid of the ground bees, although she laughed at me. She told me that she was going to get rid of the bees the outdated fashioned way. I didn’t even know what she was talking about, so I stuck around to watch her plan in action. Once she figured out where the bees were flying in plus out of, she got right to work. First, she tried pouring hot water into the entrance of the nest. She said that the hot water would kill all of the bees in the nest on contact, however of course that wouldn’t affect any bees that were out flying around. To take care of those bees, she had a unusual plan. So that night, after the other bees had a chance to get back to the nest, my dad took a good large clear glass cucumber jar plus put it down over the entrance to the bees’ nest. The next afternoon, when the bees came to fly out of the nest, they were trapped in the glass jar. She said that if the heat from the sun in the jar didn’t kill the bees, then the lack of food plus water would. That was all too macabre for me, so I left!




Bee nest in the car

I recently found myself in a situation that I can only describe as something out of a horror movie. Well, to me, it was love a horror movie because I am terrified of bees. I don’t know why buzzing, flying, stinging insects love bees, wasps, plus hornets frighten me so much, however I can’t rest to have 1 anywhere near me. So the other afternoon, I was walking out to my car to head to the grocery store when a bee flew right past my head plus buzzed in my ear, and of course, I screamed plus ran to my car, where I thought it was safe, as fast as I could. But then when I got into my car, I was petrified to see bees crawling out of the air vents in my car! Was nowhere safe? So I jumped back out of the car plus hid behind a tree. I saw dozens of bees flying in plus out under the hood of my car! I couldn’t think my eyes at first, however sure enough, there were honestly bees or wasps living in my car! I didn’t know what to do, however I did know that I wasn’t going to be able to get rid of them on my own. I ran inside, slammed the door shut, plus called a professional bee removal expert. They said that they have to deal with bees nesting in or around car motors respectfully, plus that they would come over in a couple of hours. The funny thing was, they told me not to drive the car because that could agitate the bees. I told the bee removal girl that they didn’t need to worry about me going anywhere near my car! The grocery store could honestly wait until they exterminated all of those evil bees!


My time in the city had me less than eager to head back home

I’ve been living outside of town for several years now.

It’s a quiet life, but a comfortable one! I have my stone fireplace at the center of the house to provide plenty of heat during the winter, and a surprisingly powerful air conditioning system that’s packaged on the outside wall of my home.

I have access to most of the same conveniences as everyone else, but there are times when I feel pretty lonesome out in the woods! So, I plan these small weekend vacations for myself, where I drive into town and stay the night at a hotel. While I’m in town I’ll visit different places, grab a hot meal at a few different restaurants, and eventually find my way to a bar. From that point, I usually grab a few drinks at the bar before heading back to the hotel – but this bar was different. There must’ve been an air conditioning system running at max output, because it was actually cool and comfy in this place! I was sitting right under a ductwork vent, so I was getting directly cooled by the A/C system running in the bar anyway. The sensation was wonderful, and the air quality was excellent! Again, you’d think a bar setting meant that the air would smell like liquor and chicken wings. Not this place! It smelled fresh, clean and even better than my own hotel room. Eventually though, I had to head back to the hotel and get some rest. My hotel room’s air conditioning unit chugged along to cool me off, but it still took all night for the room to be comfortable again.


HVAC equipment

Rebuild them stronger, make them last longer!

It was due time – that old system had definitely served our family well over the years! For the new system though, my dad wanted to get away from using his gas furnace

When my mom and dad first had me, we were living in this tiny 2-bedroom apartment. I don’t remember any part of the apartment, but the pictures showed just how small the place was. When my dad finally got his big break in his career, he was able to buy a house for the three of us to call our home! From there, my parents had my younger brother, and the house began to fill with nice furnishings (nice for the time, that is). One of my dad’s proudest purchases was the new central heating and air conditioning system for the house! I remember him literally dancing out of sheer joy on the front porch, all while the delivery truck and driver worked to bring the units to his door. It’s hard to believe that was almost thirty years ago now, and that fancy heating and air conditioning system is now several decades old. Just the other day, my dad was talking to me about how he wanted to upgrade the HVAC system for our house again. It was due time – that old system had definitely served our family well over the years! For the new system though, my dad wanted to get away from using his gas furnace. Instead, he wanted to switch to a boiler system! Doing that meant he could have radiant heated floors installed in his home, and use the boiler system as a heat source. It’s incredible that he put all this research into finding the right heating and A/C unit. It shows how content he is staying in that house for the next thirty years!


boiler installation

Being neglectful gets you three things: Irresponsible, Nowhere, and in Big Trouble!

Flames and smoke were pouring out from my Heating and Air Conditioning unit! I was able to cut power to the Air Conditioning system and put the fire out with my fire extinguisher, so it was a good thing I grabbed it! Sadly for me, the Heating and Air Conditioning machine was absolutely burnt to a fine crisp

There really is no such thing as a perfect person, you know. I made what was easily one of the biggest mistakes I could possibly make as a homeowner. It all started with me forgetting to have my Heating and Air Conditioning system check-up each season. This turned into a massive expense in time, all because of my neglect! So back when we were facing this bad heatwave in the summer weeks, I had my air conditioning system cranked way up to keep the house cold. Then, I started noticing that it was just getting hotter and hotter, so I kept making my air conditioner work non-stop. It took about a day before I started to catch the smell of smoke in my house. Suddenly the air quality just horrible, and that’s when I saw smoke coming from the Heating and Air Conditioning ductwork. Something was terribly wrong! Just to be safe, I grabbed the fire extinguisher and ran down to the basement. Flames and smoke were pouring out from my Heating and Air Conditioning unit! I was able to cut power to the Air Conditioning system and put the fire out with my fire extinguisher, so it was a good thing I grabbed it! Sadly for me, the Heating and Air Conditioning machine was absolutely burnt to a fine crisp. I had no choice but to get a brand new heating and air conditioning system due to the damage to that unit! When I reached out to an HVAC professional for advice on a new system, he stressed that I cannot neglect the new Heating and Air Conditioning system like I did for the last one.



HVAC tech

I have no tolerance for fighting in my house – or for vandalizing my things!

I would say I’m a pretty chill, calm individual who enjoys having company over for fun.

Parties are a frequent thing in my home, usually happening at least once per weekend.

I might wait a little while before I have another party, as things got a little out of control and I’m still not quite calm after this last event. Everything was fine, except for this one guy who was far too drunk. He got into a fight with one of my friends, as he kept fiddling with the temperature control settings and making it ice-cold in my home. I usually don’t care if someone needs to adjust my temperature control and feel a bit more comfortable, but this guy was making it sixty degrees in my house – in the middle of summer! My friend and the drunk kept adjusting the settings from heating to cooling, yelling at each other not to change the settings! Right as I walked over to ask what was wrong, it quickly escalated turned into a fist fight! They were taking swings at each other left and right. Though we tried to stop them, the thermostat was a casualty as one guy got shoved into it! While the drunk quickly got up and ran out of the house to avoid my wrath, my friend genuinely felt bad for losing his cool. He offered to pay for replacing the thermostat, and he stuck to his word! In fact, he got me a nicer smart thermostat to help me cut down on wasted energy and a lower utility bill. Talk about a stand-up friend!

Heat pump installation

You know, I don’t know where I’d be if not for the kindness of friends!

Back when I was sharing a house with some roommates back in college, the window air conditioning unit was definitely the most valuable possession in our home.

I was regularly overheated in my room without it, and it was always hard to focus on my studies even when I had a fan running all the time! Since the fan shoved air around without cooling it down, it didn’t do much to make me comfortable.

We had central Heating and Air Conditioning in the house, but the A/C system made the house reek like fish when it ran! The landlord refused to do anything to have it fixed, thinking we were the ones that caused it. Basically, we just had to suffer in a giant sauna of a household. Then, we got lucky! I got a window air conditioning system for our living room thanks to some friends back home. It was absolutely phenomenal to have, as that piece of machinery cranked out the chilled air which felt absolutely wonderful. What I enjoyed the most about the air conditioning unit was how it had this remote control with it, which made changing the air conditioning power on the fly much easier! I used that remote control all the time, and I simply didn’t want to constantly get up and adjust the thermostat on the A/C unit all the time. I still managed to keep losing the remote, because it was so small! I ultimately just bought another remote for the window A/C just to have on reserve – I was so swamped with my finals, I was surely going to misplace it again and again.

New HVAC systems

They say you only live once

My friend’s party last weekend was unlike any other.

I thought that I wouldn’t be able to make it to this shindig since my workplace was asking everyone to put in overtime.

I didn’t mind the extra pay, but at the same time? You only live once. I wanted to have a great time on the weekend for a change! My buddies all agreed, saying I needed to live a little since I had been working all the time. It was a nice break for me, and the party was absolutely wonderful. My friend that threw the party has an ace in the hole for parties though – an indoor swimming pool! It was excellent for the party, as the temperature control settings were just right to be cozy and comfortable! My experience with has also resulted in being out there in the blazing hot sunshine, putting on sunscreen by the ounce. No need for that at this party! I didn’t even have to wear sunscreen at all. Since the water had been heated just right, the temperature control settings were automated to be keeping the pool perfectly warm through the night. It was such a great time! I became pretty great friends with most of the folks at this event too, since most of us also work together at the same office. The only thing I regretted about this party was that it was the first one I attended ever – I missed so many before! Thankfully, my buddy said they get together like this pretty often – so I should come out next time!


air conditioning provider

This radiant heated flooring sounds like a huge boost in home value!

Back when I went to visit my sister in another town, her entire house felt incredibly comfortable.

  • Despite it being the middle of the winter time, her home was perfectly warm and cozy.

I had never experienced such warmth! No drafts could be felt anywhere in the house. That was a welcome change from my system, which I regularly got a draft from anywhere in the house. Plus, the temperatures would fluctuate room to room – and that’s without zone control thermostats. Her system wasn’t like that at all! The household was evenly heated, and I felt nothing but warmth flowing upwards from the ground. It was such an unusual, but very pleasant sensation. There was no heat flowing from the air ducts though, so I wondered what was going on and just had to ask. That’s when she went on and on to me about the radiant heated floors installed in her home! I was totally in shock when she told me this – seriously, I was! I even had to question her, “You mean you have heat flowing underneath the floors?” She nodded her head yes, saying she had the floors warmed by hot water pipes below. I thought that was a genius way to heat her home! She told me that because the heat worked that way, it was thoroughly improved for energy efficiency compared to her old heating system. I could certainly see why – I was envious to say the least!


Cooling and heating business

If you don’t have radiant floors installed – now’s the time!

I do the same thing every morning.

First I brew tea, and hop in the shower while it steeps. After my shower I get that chill from the floor tiles, and immediately go to drink my tea so I can wake and warm myself up. The thermostat receives adjustments often, just so that I can get some great heating in the household before I get ready to go to work! Having to deal with the ice cold floors every morning can be a real pain, and I had been thinking for a long while that there has to be some type of solution for this. I began using a portable gas furnace in the bathroom just to cut down on this cold, though I felt as if this could be dangerous. Electric currents and water currents aren’t the best combination for staying alive, you know! I didn’t want to end up starting a fire or worse. In time, I felt it best to call the Heating and Air Conditioning company just to see about solutions for having such frosty floors all the time. They were telling me that it would be wise to invest in radiant floors, which I had only heard of once before. The guys at the HVAC supplier told me about how it uses piping, which is installed under each floor of each room. The pipes carry hot water from a boiler system, and radiate warmth upwards. This allowed for even heating throughout the house! I was sold as soon as they told me how energy efficient this type of heating was for the house.