My new BAS has saved me some money.

When you own a commercial building, installing a commercial building, a building automation system can help to reduce your overhead.

BAS is a convenient and time-saving way to manage the most essential of your building equipment and systems. A huge expense in commercial buildings is temperature control. Heating and air conditioning can add up to 50% of all energy consumption in your building. With building automation, HVAC settis can be programmed to turn on and shut down at specific times. Employees and customers are always welcomed with perfect temperature settings. AFter hours, the BAS will make an adjustment that will conserve energy. If a problem arrives with the HVAC the BAS will send an alert through email or text and the building manager can quickly solve the problem. The manager can diagnosis the system remotely and this can avoid the disruption of the system while limiting the expense of having the system unnecessarily repaired. The light can also be programmed to turn on when a customer or employee arrives. Along with HVAC and lights, the BAS can monitor air quality, air purifier, humidifier and dehumidifiers. When you give your workers a more comfortable place to work, they will be more productive. There are many advantages to installing a building automation system. You can make less of an impact on the environment, keep your workspace healthier and your employees happier. As the owner of the building, I also have the ability to monitor every aspect of the building automation system with my smartphone, computer or tablet. I can easily turn the system on or off and make necessary adjustments..

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How much peace can I handle?

There has been a steady increase in the amount of break-ins we’ve in our town over the last couple of years.

Because of this, I invested in a home automation system just so my wife and I would have some peace of mind.

There are many times when our home is empty and our children are home alone for a couple of hours. I worry about their safety all the time. Now that I have updated to a smart home, I am finally beginning to feel safe in our own home. I love that our home and family are protected with our new security system. Our plan includes sensors, sirens, locks,lights, keypads and even access codes. There are occupancy sensors and motion sensors. The sirens are in place to help chase off intruders before they are able to get inside and cause any damage. The noise will also get neighbors involved because they will know there is a burglary or fire. We have smoke detectors that will let the entire family know that there is a fire. We can even check our doors and make sure they are locked while we aren’t home. Window sensors and perimeter sensors give the ability to know if anyone is outside trying to get into the house. Flood sensors will let us know if there is a problem with any plumbing issue and they will shut off the water. With the security package, we have surveillance cameras with real-time cameras and I can watch all activity through the use of my smartphone. I know when my kids are getting home and I can see them on the doorstep. I also know how long it took my daughter to get into the house when she gets home from her dates.

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Our home lights are fully automated

We have timers that will turn the coffee pot on in the morning and turn the dishwasher on after we are in bed

I could not believe how many small tasks my new home automation system was going to take over My automated system can change the temperature, turn on the sprinkler and the filter to the swimming pool and it can also control devices through a touchscreen or my smartphone. I knew that the investment of home automation systems would make life less challenging and it would be less costly on our energy bills. I couldn’t believe the convenience it gives us. I am able to turn lights on so I don’t walk around in the dark. I can turn off all of the lights and even the TV, from my bed. I have outdoor lights programmed to come on at dusk so we never arrive home in the dark and they will turn on whenever someone gets within twenty feet of the house. We have a remote on our keychains so that we can turn our lights on and off before getting out of the car. We can even have our home warm, the lights on, and even have the television on before we get into the house. Last month I added occupancy sensors which will sense if the doors open and the lights will all turn on. We have timers that will turn the coffee pot on in the morning and turn the dishwasher on after we are in bed. I even have a sensor that will turn on the bathroom light as soon as I walk over the threshold. I will never stub another toe and I can’t believe how much more safe I feel in my home..

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There are a lot of perks to a home automation system

I was really considering getting a home automation system.

I knew that I could improve our comfort and convenience with the use of a home automation system.

I wanted to be able to control the lighting, heating, air conditioning, and even some of the appliances. I wanted to be able to do all of this remotely. I think it would be wonderful to have remote access and be able to turn the lights on and off even when I was away from home. I already had the ability to control my thermostat, but this was a whole new situation. I could turn on the lights when I wasn’t home and even start the coffee pot. I finally decided I had to do the home automation in my home. I incorporated everything I could. The automated system decides what should be operating so that we can maintain a more efficient and safer place to live. The home automation system also knows when to close the shades to keep out the sun and lessen the workload put on the air conditioning. When we get out of bed, we are welcomed with perfect temperature and a pot of coffee. When we leave the house, the automation system will detect every room that is empty and it will turn off the HVAC and make sure the lights are off while checking for unlocked doors and arming the security machine, lawn sprinkler and even turning on the dishwasher. Life is so much easier with the home automation system. I just wish it could have dinner ready when we got home..

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I own two homes in different parts of the country.

A couple of years ago, my wife and I became snowbirds.

We love our home, but we were no longer able to deal with the cold.

We considered moving south but we didn’t like the idea of being in the really hot weather. We found out that we could spend six months in the north and six months in the south. We bought a second home in the south and never regretted. Our only problem was that we worried about our home no matter which home we were in. We didn’t know if the HVAC system was working in the home. We worrying about mice, bugs and even the water systems. We were almost afraid to go home because we didn’t know what we were walking into. When we found out about an automated system for our home, we got in touch with someone who could do the installation of the home automation. With the use of our cell phone, we could monitor for fire, humidity, mice and even plumbing issues. With just the use of a home automation plan, our minds were clear. I love that we can turn lights on and off. We can control the temperature and even lock or unlock the doors. We even have video of the outdoors where I got to see a deer walk through our yard. We get notified if the automation system detects glass breakage, smoke, and carbon monoxide, or if there is a power failure or odd temperature fluctuations. It is nice to know that if something does go wrong, we will be able to react quickly and get a quick solution.


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I thought it would be better

When I got a job with an up and coming company in our respective field, I was entirely blissful.

The company is based out of a brand new and completely newly constructed commercial building right in the beautiful heart of the downtown area.

The commercial office area is drastically current, great to look at, and built almost entirely of glass. I was drastically gleeful to go to and obtain job there; On our first day, I left for job far earlier than necessary just to make completely sure I wouldn’t be late. Traffic was so terrible that the drive easily took twice as long. I then struggled to find a locale to park. There definitely aren’t a lot of chances near the building, and I was forced to park my car nearly a mile away. I walked in high-heels, through the rain and cold, and ended up arriving at the office shivering, with wet feet. I was also late. There was a crowd of workers in the lobby all trying to use the elevators at once, so I was further delayed. I’ve now l easily acquired that I need to add an extra hour to our travel time to and from my brand new work. Although the commercial building is centrally temperature controlled, it’s often unquestionably uncomfortable. The Central temperature control is adjusted based on the calendar date, for some reason, rather than the weather. If we get a particularally hot day in late October, the heating plan still blasts warm air… During the summer time months, for instance, the cooling system is always way too cold everyday. There are so multiple Heating as well as Air Conditioning vents, there’s literally no way to avoid the influx of heated or cooled air and none of the exhaustion windows in the building open! Plus, the commercial area is so immense, that even getting to the lavatory, breakroom or elevators is a super unquestionably long walk.

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I guess I don't work from home

I am paid by an online advertising company and handle all of our responsibilities for them online, however for five years, I worked entirely from home each day.

I was able to set our own hours, wear our pajamas and listen to my own music.

I didn’t need to buy a special wardrobe for work, battle rush hour traffic every morning or deal with the drama of coworkers. Then our company was sold to brand new current owners and everything changed. The current owners immediately decided it would be better for the company to have an actual, physical location but everyone report it to. They rented an office area right downtown. The building is drastically impressive, big and modern, and I’m sure the rent is drastically high-priced. The brand new owners then spent an absolute fortune renovating the entire building inside of the office space, even though they are only renting the second floor accommodations. They hired professional contractors to upgrade the rooms of carpeting, paint the walls and install current lights, but licensed electricians also were brought in to add electrical outlets for our computers. They bought all current desks and special ergonomic chairs with armrest. Along with a immense and unnecessary investment, the ambitious current owners also decided the entire staff needs to report to the brand new office area at least multiple times per week. Both of us need to go to the office sit in their special chairs for more than 5 hours a day to do the job we could just as entirely complete at home in 2 hours. I am forced to set an alarm, get dressed and drive snowy roads for no particular reason, but while the rented office area is modern, beautiful, impressive and comfortable, I don’t like honestly working there. The only good part of our job is that I can stay at home.
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and now we must go

For nearly multiple years, I rented out the entire basement of a commercial building.

The building is drastically old, quite big and historic and is located on Main street of our small town.

It provides office areas for a whole host of various local businesses, such as a pharmacy, hardware store and even a small convenience store. The basement provided the ideal spot, I believe, for our dance studio. The area is drastically big and open, and properly allowed myself and others to teach sizeable classes. The provided accommodations weren’t exactly high-priced and the landlord was totally unwilling to make any upgrades. The panels of the drop ceiling frequently fell down on my head and the floor was warped with water disfigure. There generally weren’t enough electrical outlets and the area wasn’t officially lit inside because of insufficient overhead lights. I rarely complained because the monthly rent was so low. This year, prior to the start of the current season, I invested in a great deal of advertising for the dance studio. I took the time to call up our students and carefully remind them that we’d be starting up lessons again in another few weeks when summer started. I spent hours cleaning the studio, and I bought some all new current equipment. A week before the start of our classes, our landlord randomly called myself and others and explained that someone current had sudden Lane bought the building. The current owner decided that our dance studio was apparently an insurance risk and wanted myself and others out. Both of us had previously always gotten by separate from a signed lease and a unquestionably informal style of rental agreement. I had no recourse however to transport my studio out. This left myself and others in a horrible situation. I was unable to immediately find a current area to rent quickly enough and was forced to completely delay the start of our classes. I lost currency, lost many dedicated students and ended up in a commercial area with much higher rent.


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we're going to turn this building around

Having more current facilities at my disposal has given our company a more respectable image and provided accompanied with more exposure

I needed a commercial office area where I properly could set up the headquarters for our cleaning company. I currently have myself a staff of only more than seven people and multiple repair trucks in the fleet, however our company is abruptly growing. Both of us continue to constantly get contractors for more and more office buildings, homes and various local steakhouses throughout the city. I spend most of our personal time at the headquarters, handling scheduling, billing, advertising and overseeing inventory. I found a suitable building in a good location that was contained within our price range, however the property was unquestionably rundown and nasty. To turn this abandoned and neglected building into a more respectable looking office area required a good deal of work on my part, however hoping to save some currency on the deal, I handled most of the renovations on our own. I called our younger brother to give some free label. Since we both are trying to run respectable small businesses, we had to job late at night often times. It was an bad and labor-intensive process. Both of us tore out the walls of wallpaper, old carpeting, upgraded the wiring, upgraded a lot of the failing plumbing, put in current fixtures and painted. I hired an official Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker to come out and repair the rooftop unit and the air ducts and paid to have the parking lot leveled and freshly paved. It took us more than five and a half months to renovate that rundown building into a respectable professional office space, although I was blissful with the results. Having more current facilities at my disposal has given our company a more respectable image and provided accompanied with more exposure. Having more area for inventory is helpful and I’m easily able to be better organized. Although purchasing and remodeling the entire current office area was a considerable investment, I am blissful with the return.



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it was more work than I expected

When I started searching for an office area to rent for our up and coming small business, I thought it would be a straight-forward process, i previously had an proposal of the vaccinity where I wanted to be located for everyone and the square footage I required.

I knew the limitations of our current budget and assumed there would be plenty of chances to choose from during my search.

Instead, I spent more than five months continually checking out 1 unsuitable location after another, the commercial spaces I easily found were either way beyond our price range or terribly rundown. There often were water stains on the ceilings, discolored carpeting, nasty mice infestation and unpleasant odors. Many of these office spaces were honestly so old that I doubted the plumbing or wiring would be able to pass code. They were still asking for enormous security deposits and extremely high rents. I finally got in touch with a commercial real estate agent one day, then by this point, I was desperate. My corporation had outgrown the tiny guest room at our house, and I needed to hire more help. I wanted to be fully setup in a greater, more professional office area before the end of the calendar year and it was already June. The commercial real estate agent was super knowledgeable and helpful; She had insight into the market and steered myself and others easily toward an section just outside of the town that I had never considered before. The prices were more in-line with our budget, and I was able to actually afford much nicer accommodations; Although I need to drive a bit further to arrive at my job every day, it’s honestly worth it. I’ve hired multiple excellent employees and our corporation continues to expand.

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