Good smell, bad air

Did you know that when you do tons of cooking in your kitchen within a short amount of time that it can cause bad air quality? I know you are thinking i’m crazy.

But I thought the exact same thing when someone told me this once.

So because I was so doubtful and always like proof, I decided to do an experiment. I called a local air quality professional to help me with this and paid them to test the air quality in my home after I had done a bunch of baking and deep cooking as if I was preparing for a holiday meal! And long story short, it was in fact true that after all that cooking, the indoor air quality in my home had declined really low! Although it was only temporary, a solution to this would be to have a portable air purification system on hand. With a portable air purification system, you can turn it on after or while you are doing all this cooking and save the air quality in your home without question. The other thing is, that if you cook these kind of massive meals a lot, your home can have permanent air quality damage from stove and oven fumes flowing throughout the home. Especially if you use a gas oven or gas stove. I don’t need to tell you that gas can be dangerous if not handled properly. That is why I don’t use gas. But the main point at hand here is that if you do a lot of cooking, buy yourself a portable air purification system!

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It was too much

I never thought I would see the day where I had to rely on all portable heating and air conditioning equipment to be able to have half way decent heat and a/c in my home! When I bought my new house I was looking into getting a central heating and air conditioning system that would be the best and work perfect in the home.

Everything that was available that was proper for this house was way out of my price range! I could not believe it! It was really a shock to tell you the truth.

However I knew that I would eventually be able to afford it, just not right away. So for the first 6 months I was living here I had to buy portable space heaters and portable air conditioning systems and place them throughout the house just to get by until that day came. Because I moved in at the tail end of summer going into fall I couldn’t get away with just buying portable space heaters for the winter ahead. I had to have some kind of quality air conditioning because it was going to be pretty darn hot for the next few months before air conditioning season would be free and clear. So although this in itself was a pretty high investment with the amount of portable space heaters and portable air conditioning systems that I had to buy in order to heat and cool the entire home, it was still thousands of dollars cheaper than buying the brand new central heating and air conditioning system that would be needed for this home.
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Need new curtains

I have been having a major issue with my home’s temperature control as of lately.

It is the middle of summer and it seems that my central air conditioning is not cooling my house as it should be.

I have checked a lot of different things and all of my HVAC equipment seems to be working great and fine. The air vents also seem to be in order. However where the real issue ended up being was because of the way my house is built with a lot of glass windows, it was making it so the air conditioning could not combat the sunlight heat coming in! The answer? It was simple but a little expensive, and that was to get special and new curtains for all the windows. I needed curtains that could completely reflect off and block out the sunlight so that my central air conditioning system would be able to cool my home. This is an investment that is going to cost me because these special curtains are not as cheap as regular ones. Granted, it is not as expensive as investing in a brand new and completely up to date central heating and air conditioning system, but it is comes in as a close second to that to tell you the honest truth! But never the less, this is something I need to do if I ever want my central air conditioning system to actually work properly in my home again, so I am going to do it right away.



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The dust balls

Think about that, you have a whole home air purification system attached to your central heating and air conditioning system and the dust balls are making it defeat the purpose of cleaning the indoor air quality of your home! That is pretty awful to even think about

I hate dust around the home. It is the number one cause of allergies and other health related problems. Especially when there is so much dust that it clumps up into balls all over the place. This was the case in my house recently. And of all places, dust balls decided to form on the air vents of my central heating and air conditioning system. The air vents of a central heating and air conditioning system is not the best place for dust balls to form obviously. This is because when your central heating and air conditioning system comes on it will blow those dust balls around your home and make it so that the indoor air quality is pretty bad. Especially if you have a whole home air purification system attached to your central heating and air conditioning system. Think about that, you have a whole home air purification system attached to your central heating and air conditioning system and the dust balls are making it defeat the purpose of cleaning the indoor air quality of your home! That is pretty awful to even think about. So always make sure that your air vents are check for dust balls and any kind of dirt and grime at least once a month. Then if you find anything, you can clean it yourself or just call your local heating and air conditioning professional to come in and clean your air vents as well as cleaning your ductwork and anything else related to your central heating and air conditioning system. But the bottom line is, I really hate dust balls!


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Water cooled heat exchanger isn’t using demineralized water

Our office uses a water cooled heat exchanger air conditioner.

Essentially it works the same way that a refrigerator works in that cold water is moved through pipes in the building.

This cold water cools down the entire building. Not only does the water cooled heat exchanger cool down our office but it also cools down our computer equipment. Our business necessitates that we have hundreds of square feet of computer equipment. In order to keep all of this computer equipment cooled we utilized the water cooled heat exchanger. Refrigerated pipes run right through the computers and keep them cool and working well. However, the water in the heat exchange absolutely must be demineralized water. If it is not that the salt in the water can cause electrical arches inside of the computer equipment. This terrible thing happened a week ago when we used a cheaper HVAC company to come out and maintain our water cooled heat exchanger. They must have refilled it with tap water because by the time they had left two of our million dollar computers went down. Then a third went down before we could turn off the heat exchanger. Needless to say, the cheap HVAC company ended up costing us millions of dollars and we will never use them again. We will be going back to the trusted and true HVAC company we used for over a decade without incident. We are still trying to recover from the salt water issue and it is costing us a lot of money to have all of the pipes flushed out completely. Not to mention all the money we have lost having our system down for several hours. So learn from me and stick with the HVAC company that knows what they are doing.

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HVAC alarm at computer facility

I am an IT manager at a very large online retail company.

You have probably heard of them.

Anyhow, my job entails keeping the in-house computers up and running in our facility. This mostly means that I am responsible for updating the equipment but it also means I need to keep the HVAC system working. Without proper conditions, the computers will go down. So it was a real emergency when I got a message on my phone, at 3 in the morning, saying that the air conditioner had stopped working in one of the computer rooms. Of course I threw on whatever clothes I could find and rushed to work. Once there, I discovered that this particular computer room temperature was just fine. There was nothing wrong with the air conditioner at all. There was also nothing wrong with any of the computer equipment. Nothing was overheating and everything was working just fine. Everything, that is, except for the thermometer. A thermometer on one of the towers said that it was over 80 degrees. I checked it with 2 other thermometers and both read 60 degrees. So I’m happy that there was no real emergency with our HVAC system. I just need to get a new thermometer then maybe I can get some sleep tomorrow night. But today is going to be a long day but that is life. Whatever. It is good to do tests of the alarm equipment every now and then anyway. I am happy at how quickly I was able to assess the situation and glad that the thermometers really do alert me when the temperature gets too high.


A/C turns off in summer and computers overheat

My bosses didn’t fully think through their generator requirements when planning for the storm.

We knew the storm would likely take down the electricity.

That is why they got generators strong enough to keep the lights on and keep the computers running. However, they did not get generators strong enough to keep the air conditioner running. IT told them that this would be a problem. The computer room needs strong air conditioning. Otherwise, the computers will overheat and stop working. Like usual, management didn’t listen. So we all went into work the morning after the storm. Of course, the electricity was out and it was hot and humid in the office. They had the windows open and I got to work answering the phones. Within a few hours it was uncomfortably warm in the workplace. Someone turned on a fan but the boss turned it back off. Apparently it used up too much of the generator’s power. By lunch time we were all very uncomfortable without air conditioning. And, just after lunch, the entire computer system went down. Our desktops were still on but the central system we need to do our job was not. The bosses ran around like crazy trying to make the IT guy fix it. He said the computers need air conditioning to work. So we all got sent home and there was talk of getting a window A/C unit for the computer room if the power is still off tomorrow. I hope they get a window A/C unit for my work space too but I know that is too much to ask for.



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Humidistat stops working this causes condensation on computer equipment

That’s just one less thing to worry about

I came into work this morning and discovered a huge problem: there is condensation all over everything in the computer room. I quickly checked the thermostat and the humidistat to see why this could be. The thermostat showed that the air conditioner was working just fine. The humidistat proved to be a problem. The humidity in the computer room was over 80 percent. It is supposed to be way less than that. The closer we can keep the humidity to 0 percent the better. With cold air, and high humidity, condensation forms on the computer equipment. This can cause it to short out, rust, and break down. A quick look at the dehumidifier gave me no answers. Clearly it wasn’t working so I called up our HVAC supplier and asked them to get here as soon as possible. Meanwhile. I got to work wiping down the exterior of the towers. By the time I was done the HVAC company had arrived. They got the dehumidifier up and working again very quickly. Then they installed a smart thermostat/humidistat. From now on I will get alerts whenever the humidity or temperature goes into an unsafe range. The smart thermostat/humidistat is hooked up to my phone so I don’t even have to be in the office in order to get these alerts. That’s just one less thing to worry about. Now I just hope that no real damage was done to the computer system with the high humidity we encountered last night. Only time will tell that but I am going to start backing everything up today to be safe.

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Using recycled AC during a fire

My husband and I live in a western part of the country.

We love the area we live in but there have been some terrible natural disasters happening all around us.

Right now there are fires raging all around our home and all the states around the area we live in. It’s been really hard to cope with especially since we have young kids. Right now we are trying to figure out the best way to deal with the smoke that is in the air because it has really been affecting the air quality in our house. Normally we try to use recycled AC to try and save energy but right now we can’t use recycled AC because we would be breathing in so much smoke that it would not be good for our health. I am starting to get nervous that if we don’t figure out a new way to get AC in our home that it might have long term effects on my family and that is the last thing that I want. I am going to have to call a local HVAC company and see what they recommend for us to do in regards to the recycled AC. I know that a lot of people in our area have the same concerns that we do so I hope the HVAC company has put some measures in place to help us out during this crazy time when things are so uncertain around us.

Forgetting to turn off the heater

I live in a small little house that doesn’t have great insulation when it comes to heating and cooling.

I love my little house and I don’t want to move because the rent is very affordable and I really like my landlord a lot.

However, it is really becoming a difficult task to heat my house every day. I want to walk into a warm house when I come home from work, but I know that is going to make my energy bill skyrocket. I don’t know if it’s worth it and I think it might be a little dangerous to have the heater running all day. Well, last week I left for work in a huge rush and I forgot to turn off my heater. I was worried about the heater all day, but I have to admit it was nice to come home to a warm and cozy house after being outside in the freezing temperatures. I didn’t think much of it after but had to remind myself that I shouldn’t let leaving the heater on become a habit. Well, about two weeks later when I got my electric bill I knew that it wasn’t going to become an issue because my bill went up over $50 for having the heater on just one day. I can’t imagine how much it would cost to do that everyday! I think I am going to have to start looking for a new way to heat my house!

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