Installing the new thermostat was a surprisingly easy process!

I’ve never been great at fixing things.

I was able to accomplish something fantastic the other day, but otherwise I’m usually about as mechanically apt as a toddler.

Upgrading the thermostat to a smart thermostat, however, was something I felt I could upgrade on my own. It’s just because I have heard that these things are pretty simple, and fairly easy to install. I even had my buddies come over – mostly to watch and make sure that I didn’t shock myself to death. I wanted to prove to them that I could handle at least one repair. I looked at a bunch of online tutorials, and from what I could tell it really did look pretty simple for me to pull off. Once I had the parts already tracked down, the first thing I had to do was check and verify the smart thermostat was compatible. What’s the point of a new thermostat if my Heating and Air Conditioning system wasn’t going to be compatible, right? To verify, I just marked all the letters I saw behind the old thermostat. It really wasn’t that hard at all to be honest! All I really had to do was have the wires labeled. With everything hooked up as instructed, the entire process was pretty straight forward for me to handle. When I tested the new smart thermostat and it worked like a dream, I nearly fainted from the sheer surprise! I went as far as having the smart app installed on my phone, and that was genuinely fantastic to have since I could adjust temperatures on the fly. From anywhere, I could make sure my home stayed comfortable and had the best air quality. How awesome is that? I knew that I was going to save a lot of cash on the energy costs too, thanks to the special programming that allows the smart thermostat to run on an automated schedule. This was my crown achievement for sure.

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When your girlfriend has cold fish for hands, you have to find a way to cope.

When I first started dating my girlfriend, her ice-cold hands were something that quickly became a source of irritation for me. She regularly wanted to hold my hand as anyone would in a relationship would, but it would make me feel cold in turn because of her! With my jacket on, it was still the same situation including her and the chilled icey hands she had. I honestly started to think that she has bad blood pressure or something, as I had to find a nice way to ask her to see a doctor about her chronic cold hands. It was always a thing with her, apparently, and it really was “no big deal” according to her. Yeah, sure! Anyway, she said as long as I had the gas furnace cranked up at home, there really wouldn’t be any problem. Well I couldn’t imagine how uncomfortable that would be until I went to her home and experienced her gas furnace cranked up! I couldn’t stand how hot it was. It actually led to fighting for a while, as the thermostat became a point of conflict for a while. If I didn’t care about her so much, I did seriously love her, but I’m not joking when I say how bad this constant conflict truly was. I hated spending time at her house. She usually relied on me to try to keep warm when we went out, and I found myself giving her my jacket no matter where we went – even if she wore layers. After spending so long dealing with her ridiculous heat preferences, I wound up getting her a nice electric blanket for Christmas to keep her warm. This way, she could get plenty of warmth without having to abuse her heating system.
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Sometimes, the best way to surprise someone is to learn way too much about them

Not too long ago, I managed to accidentally find my dear partner’s diary. Before giving a few pages a read, I used to believe that she was alright with everything. Well, up until I got to studying! Normally she’s very calm and relaxed – even under pressure. However, there was never a time when she told me about any complications she was having according to her diary. It turned out that I was causing a lot of problems for her, which I had no idea! Throughout her diary, there was all this complaining non-stop about the air quality being so poor in our home. Sure, I knew I didn’t get around to the Heating and Air Conditioning service visit, but come on! I call for Heating and Air Conditioning service when I believe it is necessary, and I regularly change the air filters. I had no idea that she was so irritated with me! That’s the drawback about us never fighting that often, I guess. I felt as if she would surely have a big fight with me if she knew I read her diary! She even talked about how I cranked the air conditioner up way too often for her tastes. She was writing things and making seem like I didn’t think anything of these actions, and that’s just not true! To prove otherwise, I made an appointment with my local Heating and Air Conditioning service company. I explained the situation to them, and told them I wanted regular Heating and Air Conditioning services to get our systems up to speed. On top of that, we went over the different ways for us to save energy in my household. The Heating and Air Conditioning service providers explained to me that we should work on getting our system up to speed, and that will help the most with saving money on our energy bills. I just want to make sure my wife doesn’t think those things about me again.

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My partner’s sappy movies make me want to barf

It doesn’t even have to be a hot day either! This is still something she’ll just do.

My partner gets a little silly sometimes, usually when she decides to watch some of those sappy romantic movies that make me gag. They’re always so corny! Still, she will get ready for watching these movies by turning up the cooling system via the thermostat, and then she gets a bunch of blankets to watch her movie. Thankfully she does this while I’m not home, but I always come back home to find her crying in a house that’s cold as ice. It used to freak me out when she did this, as I initially had no idea what was wrong! Now, it’s just a common thing in this house. Context certainly helps to keep that from sounding creepy, right? Anyway, I can see how she likes to watch films such as this, though I sincerely don’t see the point in cranking up the air conditioner to such a high output. It doesn’t even have to be a hot day either! This is still something she’ll just do. The whole house will be cold as could be, with no hope for escaping it. Commonly, on days such as this, The house is just uninhabitable to me! I might go get something to eat by myself, or go hang out with some friends – maybe visit family. Either way, I sincerely would rather be anywhere else than in that chilly house, surrounded by the sound of her endless crying! Some buddies and I were going over this routine, and they explained to me how there’s HVAC zone control thermostats on the market. Since they allow users to control a home’s temperature from room to room, it might be just what I need to make the house tolerably warm for me and still give her what she wants! Now I just need some noise cancelling headphones.


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My time in the city had myself and others less than eager to head back home

I’ve been living outside of city for many years now.

It’s a quiet life, however a comfortable 1! I have our granite fireplace at the center of the home to provide plenty of heat during the winter, and a surprisingly powerful program that’s packaged on the outside wall of our home.

I have access to most of the same conveniences as most people else, however there are times when I suppose pretty lonesome out in the woods! So, I plan these small weekend holidays for myself, where I drive into city and stay the night at a hotel. While I’m in city I’ll visit bizarre sites, grab a hot meal at a few bizarre restaurants, and eventually find our way to a bar, from that point, I usually grab a few drinks at the bar before heading back to the hotel – however this bar was different… There must’ve been an program running at max output, because it was unquestionably cool and comfy in this site! I was kneeling right under a HVAC duct vent, so I was getting directly cooled by the program running in the bar anyway. The sensation was charming, and the air quality was excellent! Again, you’d suppose a bar setting meant that the air would smell appreciate liquor and chicken wings… Not this site! It smelled fresh, clean and even better than our own hotel room, then eventually though, I had to head back to the hotel and get some rest, however my hotel room’s unit chugged along to cool myself and others off, however it still took all night for the room to be comfortable again.




My Strange Job Experience

I finished my last year of college about a month ago and have been interviewing for jobs ever since. While there were a couple of weird interviews, the one I sat through last week pretty much takes the cake. The position was for a hospital, in which I would be monitoring their building management system. The woman who conducted my interview was a lot older than I expected. She appeared to be pushing eighty. I pretty sure she fell asleep at one point during the interview. When I tried to get more information about the position, she couldn’t seem to offer any to me. I wondered if she even knew about the position herself. I was stunned that she was the one conducting the interview. After about half an hour with this woman, she showed me into another room to speak with someone else. The whole process left me so confused that I couldn’t help but wonder if I bombed the interview. It turned out I didn’t, and I received a phone call from the hospital the next day to hear that the position was mine if I wanted it. I have been there for a week now, and the job is pretty simple. I am placed in a room with twelve different computer screens. Each screen displays the info and status of all the different management systems for the building like the lights, HVAC equipment, and other assets. All I have to do is watch the screens and make sure nothing abnormal pops up. I am pretty sure the hardest part about the job was the interview.


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My New Job

After finishing my last year of school, I spent my first month out of it doing nothing but interviewing for jobs.

There were a couple of weird interviews where I am actually glad I didn’t get a call back, but the one I had last week topped them all. It was a position for a hospital in which I would be monitoring the building’s energy management system. I was initially interviewed by an older woman, who seemed to be really far up there in age. I am pretty sure she fell asleep at one point while I was answering one of her questions. When I asked her for a little more detail on the management system, she couldn’t really add anymore information. I didn’t know why she was the one interviewing me, as she didn’t even seem to know much about the position herself. When the thirty minute meeting concluded, the interviewer brought me into a different room to speak with an additional person. I was so confused by the whole process that I walked out of the hospital thinking I blew it completely. I was shocked when I received a call from them the next day offering me a job. I accepted the position and have been there for a week now. The job is really simple. I am placed in a room with twelve computer screens. Each screen displays a different part of the building energy management system. It monitors the lighting, HVAC equipment, door alarms, and other similar aspects of the building. I just need to be alert for any anomalies on the screen. I am pretty sure that the most difficult part of the job was the interview.

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JDM importer takes our cash and I get no car

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always wanted a sleek Nissan Skyline GTR.

At that age I played video games all the time, and my number one racing game had a Nissan Skyline GTR on the cover.

I always pictured myself growing up and driving around in one of these metallic beauties, so as soon as I got a driver’s license, I started looking for a Nissan aggressively. Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly easy for anyone to purchase a Nissan Skyline GTR on the fly since these vehicles are extravagantly priced from being imports. The Nissan Skyline GTR was only created for the Japanese domestic Market. The JDM vehicles do not meet the same needed safety standards and qualifications as a car purchased locally in the states. The only way you can purchase a JDM vehicle legally is by waiting until the 25-year exemption rule can take effect. In short, vehicles that are older than 25 years do not have to meet the same safety standards as newer cars; but once the vehicle is 25 years old, it can safely be imported for sale in the US legally. I spoke with an importer a few weeks ago, however they did not have anything that looked good to my eyes! Fortunately, they receive fresh batches of cars every few weeks. They are supposed to receive an updated shipment of JDM vehicles next week. If I cannot get a precious Nissan Skyline GTR, I would absolutely settle for a Toyota Supra instead. The Importer had a Supra on the lot, however I’m genuinely trying to hold out for my number one car, since I’m going on a limb to spend a fortune on this JDM vehicle. For that reason, I would genuinely appreciate to get exactly what I want.


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Checking out the warehouses in the area

I work for a huge industrial stone corporation; The two of us make bricks of all sizes in addition to shapes, and my warehouse is almost 35,000 square feet. The two of us ship bricks to several different continents in addition to 35 bizarre countries around the world. We have been in corporation for the past 20 years; Last week, the warehouse space owner told the company they would not renew the warehouse lease the following year. When the owner gave to buy the warehouse out right, the owner still prodiagnosed, my boss tasked me with looking for a new warehouse in Batavia, New York. There is no doubt that it’s going to be harshly hard to find such a giant warehouse space in Batavia, New York. I have been having long conversations with a long list of different development groups along with realtors, and things don’t look as good as they could. Nearly all of the rental spaces in Batavia, New York are small offices or buildings. Most of the rental spaces in Batavia, New York are not made to deal with an industrial stone corporation. We have a very short amount of time to find a current warehouse space for our stone corporation. Eight weeks might seem like not enough time, but I think that it’s going to take weeks just to transfer all of our machinery. The two of us have millions of dollars worth of equipment, supplies, in addition to inventory. We will really need to be moved from one building to the other, then some of our machines weigh 50,000 lbs. This process will end up taking at least. I feel busy everyday, and I’m not going to rest well until we find another warehouse space for rent in Batavia, New York.


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Be careful when pitching an idea

My Dad and I total geeks! They met in college, when they were attending the same class, and my dad is a botanist that studies plants, trees, and other organic fungi.

My Dad is a professor at a high school that teaches nuclear physics.

My whole life was about science, and I was constantly learning something brand new. When I was aged enough to walk as well as talk, our parents bought me a chemistry set, but I made red foam as well as red slime for all of our friends at Christmas. When I was a little kid, I invented a cool gadget for daily shoes. My gadget won the first place at the state science fair, as well as it attracted a good deal of attention, several large companies spoke with our parents and I about the gadget. They gave my parents are huge amount of cash, and later hey wanted them to sign a contract… Luckily, our parents knew that wasn’t a fantastic unit. They hired a lawyer to help navigate the legal waters. The lawyer looked through all of the paperwork, and later on came to find out that the supplier would retain possession of our idea, patent, as well as any future use. I did not want to provide up our best system to someone else. I was so thankful that my parents hired a lawyer. The supplier was trying to take advantage of me, and the lawyer saved the afternoon. Shortly after that, our parents retained the lawyer to help us patent as well as trademark our unit. I am still working my butt off on my first working prototype, however I’m hoping to be done in two or three months. If the system makes a million dollars or busts, at least it will be my name.