I will teach you to volley

I have a new student who wants to learn the fun and exciting activity of beach volleyball.

He is a small boy who just cares about to play so I am going to give him a shot and train him over the next few weeks.

I guess all of us will do the training four times a month and I should have him a lot better in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping that somehow by next summer time he will be ready to play several on several, which is actually the king of volleyball games in my opinion. The Heating as well as A/C rep who personally owns the local supplier genuinely wants his son to get superb at the activity since he also cares about it so much. I wish I started playing at 14 years old, myself! I was too focused on my work in the Heating as well as A/C industry as a heating and cooling intern. I didn’t pick up volleyball till I was 25 years or so, but I still had a superb run in the activity, winning lots of tournaments and making a lot of friends. I have to finish my online task with my Heating as well as A/C unit writings and sometime after that I will hit the beach for a light workout before training this boy. I’m sure he is gleeful to be taking a lesson from myself and others so I am going to supply him the excitement back and make it a fun day. The people I was with and I will train by this local heating and cooling supplier which has cold a/c for after the session to hang out and relax.

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