There’s biofreeze for a reason

If you ever have joint or muscle pain, maybe find some Biofreeze gel and give it a shot.

It utilizes the pain gate theory of blocking pain by confusing the stupid brain with the crossed signals it receives.

The brain confuses the cold from the biofreeze gel with the actual pain and basically stops the pain for a few minutes as I gained from talking with my heating supplier friend. I’ve used it on my shoulders and knees when they get genuinely hurting and it worked well. I learned about it when I had shoulder pain and they slathered it on both shoulders. The local supplier near myself and others always sells it so I have an endless supply if I need it. I have a large bucket in hand that my cooling rep got me, and it should last myself and others through the entirety of Winter time as I don’t have as much pain then because I’m not playing so much while I was in the cold season. I try to avoid taking too much ibuprofen now, since my Heating as well as A/C worker told myself and others it caused problems with his liver. I hope I didn’t cause too much damage from it. I will go to the heating corp today in order to get a new cord for my section heater, which I ordered a couple weeks ago and apparently it finally arrived last evening. I need to service this oil furnace because the ice cold days are moving in pretty fast as all of us near the middle of October. I am going to avoid overusing the central Heating as well as A/C system this season to save some money this winter.


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