The cheese keeps me weak in the knees

I was genuinely craving this one dinner so I went to the local companies and bought the stuff to make it.

It cost $10 for the several grilled cheese sandwiches and a bowl of pickle soup and was worth it.

That is pretty cheap for a tasty meal that totally satisfied my hunger completely. I would have paid over $18 in a diner and maybe even closer to $25 with tax and tip, so I saved a superb amount making it at home. And I used genuinely high quality bread and bio cheese. The a/c supplier near myself and others is going to be rapidly closing down soon and is having a sale on all of the Heating as well as A/C unit in stock so I will be going there later to see if there is anything I need for the flat. I guess they are rapidly opening in a new location on the other side of town not too far from where they are now. I happen to recognize they want a bigger office and warecondo because they are growing and clearly need more sections to keep all of the heating and cooling equipment. I may ask them if they will be hiring in the new place because I could use a little more money each month since my utilities have gotten easily overpriced lately. I could be an HVAC worker. It makes myself and others scared to turn on my a/c now as my last bill was just half the cost of my rent. That is alarming! I recognize heating and air con are probably going to be more in the luxury department in my flat from now on.
Air conditioning worker