A disastrous day crowned by a heat pump malfunction

The play had been outstanding; at least, that’s what Charlotte said when anyone asked her about how she spent her evening.

  • In truth, Charlotte had quite the adventure that evening.

She was almost robbed on her way to work, and as if that was not enough, the garment she was working on had been ruined. She had no idea how it happened but had managed to spill bleach on the crimson fabric. The client was going to sue her for sure. The material was costly, and there was no extra fabric. Either way, she would need more time to make another gown, and she barely had enough time to finish the dress she had ruined. The only thing that had remained was to put in twenty pearl-like buttons. She realized she was shivering as she lay there contemplating her fate. The smart thermostat indicated low temperatures. She tried to reset the temperature, but that did not work. She called the local heating business, but they told her that all their heating technicians were out and would only be available after four hours. Charlotte did not have the patience to wait that long for a heating dealer. she called a different heating company. An HVAC professional arrived a half hour later to fix the heat pump. Charlotte led him to the heat pump installation and made herself scarce. All she needed was help with indoor comfort, and given how bad her day was turning out, she did not care to learn more about heating or anything else about the heating industry. The heater maintenance did not take long, and her whole-home heating system was back in working condition. She was glad she did not have to pay for a new heating system. Her biggest worry, however, was the garment on her work table.

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