Gratitude for my space heater

Sometimes I take things for granted; friends, good health, youth, a job, my nice flat, my mom.

I want to start each morning by feeling grateful for something, for everything, just some kind of thanks for all of the things I have in my life.

All of this will be gone one day and I want to appreciate it while I still have it. I will take a few minutes each morning before getting out of bed to appreciate all of these things and maybe it will open my eyes to the beauty of them before it’s too late. HVAC work is also something I should thank, and my boss at the heating and cooling corp should be on the list too. She is a really good person and is a very good boss who is always there to lend me an ear when I need it. I work there each week doing heat pump sales and radiant floor installations after people buy them in the shop. I like my job and I like to work around people each day and learn things about their lives. I am all alone here in Europe, except for the HVAC techs I’ve become friends with and a handful of people I’ve met who work in the local businesses. I also have some volleyball friends and a few artist friends here and there. I am grateful for my HVAC work and all of the heating devices that I install in homes around town. All of these things add up to a pretty darn good life. I’m grateful for you too, even though we’ve never met, because I know you are a good person at the core. Namaste.

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