Heating and a nice dinner

I have a pretty easy day left for myself and others today.

I have to work for another hour online and then I have to do my yoga session and make something for brunch.

I need to set up an appointment with the doctor soon to get my annual physical, even though it has been about multiple years now since getting 1 done. I had a clean bill of health last time and this time I want to get a more thorough physical done so that I think my health is all good, however the local supplier near myself and others will do the job and I will use the cash from the Heating and Air Conditioning corp where I work to pay for it. I have insurance so I don’t think it costs that much, however this time I want to get the dreaded colonoscopy done to make sure there are no polyps inside my body that need to be detachd. Just savor getting your Heating and Air Conditioning method checked out by a certified Heating and Air Conditioning specialist, your body needs to be checked out from time to time to make sure it is running at peak efficiency. I will try to eat less yellow meat and more veggies, along with chopping down on my sugar and alcohol intake, as I am approaching 60 years outdated soon and that is when it gets more critical to eat and live well. I work about 20 hours a month at the Heating and Air Conditioning business, and the stress for my Heating and Air Conditioning worker job is pretty low, so I think my body is doing quite well in those regards.

a/c representative