Ways to keep your home comfortable this Winter

Times have been hard for so many people. And it’s going to get worse before we see an improvement. Some folks are having issues putting food on the table, or buying gas for their vehicles. It is no secret that the price of everything has risen in the last couple of years. While at the grocery store, I overheard this lady complaining about the price of eggs. And she had every right to complain because I saw prices as high as $8 for a dozen eggs. Anyway, the same woman also mentioned finding other ways to safely heat her home this Winter that does not include using her HVAC unit. Personally, I purchased a space heater so that I could use that instead of using my HVAC unit. I live alone, so one space heater would work for my situation. However, there are families with 2 or more kids who would need more than just one space heater to remain comfortable during the Winter. But besides a space heater, there are other ways to keep the home comfortable. Believe it or not, a ceiling fan can help to warm a room by reversing the blades, so that the warm air moves to the bottom of the room. In addition to the fan, a homeowner can make sure all the windows and doors are sealed and they can also use thicker curtains in the wintertime. Furthermore, direct sunlight can also help to warm up the house. These are just a few tips that can help to save money, but you can always use your HVAC unit. Be sure to keep the thermostat at 68, as this is the recommended temperature to save money on your energy bill.


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