I have a lot of free time to do what I want

After spending some time working in an office task, I don’t believe I will be able to labor from my Lake Beach House much anymore.

I don’t prefer to like to drive during rush hour traffic either.

It is a lot more work and details than the stress would like. I regularly Drive lots of hours to labor plus back H+ every day and adding that to the work day means there isn’t any energy left in the tank for myself and others after we are back from the lake beach house. I like to be a heating and air conditioning professional at the corporation and when I did that driving for multiple years I was easily tired of having to bustle around all of the jobs and really move quickly. It was super stressful and it was something that I wanted to leave behind after working in the heating and AC repair industry for 7 years. Of course I didn’t have a job anymore to legitimately pay the bills and that was also legitimately stressful too. I had to quit doing that and then move to something entirely different. Now I still work part-time in the heating and AC repair and service industry. I mostly labor on devices from my own home and work on machines that need to be fixed up. I also work on air purifiers and air filtration systems. I definitely have a lot of time to do exactly what I want and I didn’t think that was going to be to labor on heat pump and water boilers.


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