I like spending time with friends

I bought lots of different food multiple weeks ago after arriving in this place.

I did not know whether or not it was going to be a month or 10 years that I was going to be here and I wanted to make sure that I have plenty of food for my family as well as friends.

I worked for my neighbor and even made some money and basically that was going to cover the rides and the food that I purchased during more than my one or two month trip throughout the states. Basically the costs only covered myself and others and the use of a plane ticket. I paid off $1,000 ticket over many weeks and then avoided interest charges that would happen if I wasn’t paying anything at all. I was laboring also for this Corporation and then doing some Heating and maintenance tasks. I prefer my task and part-time job and this gives me some leftover time to mess with drums and sing inside of a band. My parents made a ton of money with the heating and also air conditioning Corporation too. It regularly set them up nicely for retirement. The heating and air conditioning system labor that I do regularly each month is only there for me to be able to pay bills each week. I do not have a heap of money saved for my retirement and that is kind of scary to me but hopefully my mom and dad will be there to let me live in their basement forever.


a/c installation