Chocolate makes me very happy

I just got some chocolates from a person and I found them to be very delicious and out of this world.

They are easily a mix of peppermint and some dark chocolate and they just taste exactly like a cookie.

I have not had a single of these cookies in a very long time however eating this thing just makes myself and others feel exactly like all of us did when we were much younger. There is a local corporation selling some of these suites near my beach house and that has me staying close to a place that would have me grabbing quite a few more. Every one of us do not regularly eat these sweets due to wanting to keep strong teeth but just like a baby all of us could not resist. I think my corporation friend that works on radiant heaters would drop by if you had these chocolates. The guy works on heaters and radiant heat and flooring and he has a bigger sweet tooth than anyone else that I know. The guy absolutely likes truffles. One time I paid him in chocolates from the factory so he would fix a problem with the heating system in my mom’s house. The two of us were becoming fast friends and even thought about how we could open up a local Corporation together that was for commercial and residential heating and air conditioning repairs and installation jobs. I think we would have been very successful if we could have figured out a way to get everything together.


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