Remaining remote to work in air condition at home

I found out early on that I liked working from the central air conditioning of my house. And I was shocked by that realization. When I started hearing the rumors that we’d be sent home from the zone controlled HVAC comfort of our offices, I was horrified. In fact, I went to bosses and supervisors pleading my case to remain inside the commercial HVAC of the office as part of the skeleton crew. I was rebuffed in my request and found myself turning the guest room into what I thought was a temporary office. That’s not how it has turned out at all. That home office became very permanent once I had the ductless heat pump installed. My home office is at the end of the house, exposed to sunlight all day and exposed on three sides. It’s warm in there even with the air conditioning on. So when I took the company up on its offer to stay remote, I took it. They really didn’t even have to give me the bonus incentive. But I was happy to take it. I put it right toward having the HVAC professionals come out and install a ductless heat pump in my now permanent office. It works amazing well and is super efficient. I can actually turn down the main thermostat during the peak heating of the day and save on air conditioning costs. That’s how efficiently the ductless heat pump provides cooling to my office. I love the freedom that working from home has given me. I start really, really early so I have the freedom to do other things at times during the day. As long as I get my work done, appear for online meetings and meet expectations, the rest of my day is mine.

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