Finally time to upgrade the HVAC unit

I don’t think I ever expected the residential HVAC that we inherited to last this long.

It’s remarkable really because we negotiated a much better price on this house because of the HVAC equipment. The previous owner was not at all interested in any sort of big cost outlay to sell this place. He just wanted out. Thankfully, we had a skilled realtor who got thousands of dollars chopped off the price of the house thanks to the position of the seller. We were so convinced that we’d need to replace the HVAC equipment sooner rather than later, that we put some money away. Well, that savings has grown and grown over the 15 years we’ve enjoyed quality heating and air from that old heat pump. Of course, getting the sort of consistent, seasonal HVAC maintenance that it needed sure helped. That old residential HVAC just kept on going and going. But finally, we noticed late last summer that it was not keeping up with air conditioning demand the way it once did. It seemed like the heat pump was running a lot. That was confirmed by the utility bill and the HVAC technician. It was time to finally tap those savings and upgrade the heating and cooling equipment. With all the saving that had accrued, we were able to go with the very latest in residential HVAC. And of course, we went with all the cool HVAC technology like a smart thermostat and zone controlled HVAC. As much as I am thrilled with the amazing quality heating and air of the new HVAC unit, I still have to tip my cap to that old heat pump.


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