Ductwork cleaning is now annual ritual

It won’t be long before we have the ductwork cleaning done for the third time in a row.

We are now making ductwork cleaning a yearly thing to coincide with spring cleaning.

Then, once all that is done, the air conditioning tune up takes place and we’re ready to deal with summer. So as we are nearing the end of winter, I will be placing the call to the HVAC company to do the ductwork cleaning. This is the final step in our spring cleaning. I mean, we take this yearly chore seriously. My husband and I actually take a Thursday and Friday off so we can spend the better part of a four day weekend scouring our home. It really isn’t as bad as it seems. We keep a fairly tidy house anyway. But we just never seem to have the time to move furniture and get a deep clean on the house. So that’s why we make this an annual event. Actually, we kind of enjoy it. However three years ago, we were having a glass of wine all happy with our spring cleaning effort. Then, my husband and I witnessed this sort of dust ball floating down from the HVAC air duct. It blew our minds and that’s when we called the HVAC company for our first ductwork cleaning followed by a ductwork resealing. That’s how ductwork cleaning became the capper on the spring cleaning event. So we’ll start planning all of that up soon. It’s great to go into the summer with a sealed up house and the air conditioning on knowing that everything is super clean.