Blasting the air conditioning on vacation

It’s just the most decadent time for me. To others, it probably seems like another ordinary, boring family vacation. But for me, it’s the height of indulging my appetites. This is not something that I do very often. I’ve found that structure and discipline win the day when it comes to achieving what I want to achieve. I spend a lot of tense, stressful hours inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. I have found that getting plenty of exercise, healthy food and good rest is essential to being my best at what I do. And I’m not really interested in anything but my best when I’m inside the commercial HVAC of my office. I’m different when I’m not working as I like to relax and just enjoy my off hours. However, that doesn’t allow me to just indulge the way I might want to. That goes for the air conditioning setting and my strict bedtime. But breaking the rules is what vacation is all about for me. Again, this might be lame to other people but ordering anything I want off of a menu for 2 weeks straight is a little slice of heaven. It’s also wonderful to be able to stay in a vacation rental instead of a hotel room. I like staying in vacation rentals because of the residential HVAC. The last place we stayed even had zone controlled HVAC like we do in the office. My wife and I had a thermostat in the master bedroom all our own. I can promise you that I cranked that cooling the whole time I was on vacation. That’s so not in character for me when I’m at home as the thermostat setting is not negotiable. That’s so we don’t rack up huge heating and cooling costs. I just love vacation.


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