It’s strenuous to manage a giant crew

Just a handful of months ago, my boss gave me a promotion plus a raise, however i truthfully thought he was going to fire me when he wrote me an SMS asking me to come to his office at the end of the afternoon, but at the time, I was genuinely happy about the prospect of a new job, but the raise made it possible for my family plus I to put a pool in the backyard plus the promotion was a nice thing to add to my resume.

This is my first time ever managing a giant crew of gentlemen plus ladies. I have a group of 20 certified plus independent Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealers on my crew right now, then both of us are working on various commercial projects for one particular builder. The builder is putting up apartments plus homes in various cities that are close by plus the two of us are handling all of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning work. Both of us will be putting in all of the HVAC duct, a/cs, furnaces, plus ventilation work. Anything that has to do with the Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan will be our responsibility. So far things have been pretty good, but a couple of gentlemen got into an fight last weekend. I do not guess that the problem has been resolved… Every time those gentlemen have to work together on a project, I worry there is going to be an issue. I warned both of the gentlemen that they have to put their Heating as well as Air Conditioning contract work at the top of the priority list. I have a list of dealers waiting to get on the jobsite if anything goes wrong.

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