All that rain caused my AC to short

25 in of rain in 24 hours feels like apocalyptic amounts of rain.

I’ve never seen so much water in my life and I have been through countless hurricanes. Living in the South means dealing with hurricanes and tropical storm activity all of the time, and still, I’ve never seen so much rainfall in such a short amount of timeā€¦ All of that rain caused a lot of problems in the city, everyone’s dwelling and garages were flooded, and cars were floating through the town like boats. I had two feet of rain in my backyard and the water did not have anywhere to go. All of the rain caused a lot of problems for my outdoor AC unit. I had to shut the AC component off when the rain caused the device to short and malfunction. The AC repair company cannot come out to repair anything until all of the water has receded and is really going to take a couple of afternoons at least. That means my buddy and I do not have any cool air in the dwelling while my buddy and I are trying to clean up from the storm detriment. I recommended that my buddy and I go to a hotel instead and I found out that our insurance company would cover some of the fees due to the fact that our dwelling was flooded in the storm. When the water finally recedes, my buddy and I will be able to have the AC component fixed and my buddy and I will be able to get an insurance adjuster into the dwelling to assess all of the detriments. I hope my buddy and I do not have troubles with mold and mildew.


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