Supervising my home's heating maintenance

My husband had been planning his work trip for a week now.

He had just received word that he would be flying to the capital to oversee the grand opening of their new branch.

He would also be signing a significant contract with some investors. We were both happy about the trip as it would open many doors and opportunities for my husband. The eve before he left, we noticed that the sounds from the furnace had gotten louder and remained consistent. The digital thermostat was also acting up. My husband checked the batteries and confirmed they had juice left. My husband would oversee the biannual heating maintenance, but since he would be going, he helped me contact the heating dealer and schedule a quality heating repair two days later. On heating devices, we found ourselves talking about how much heating technology had advanced. The heating industry now had devices such as geo heat pumps and intelligent regulators. The home services delivered by the HVAC techs were also more efficient. Even though the boiler was making unusual noises, it was still functioning, albeit not as efficiently. After dropping my husband off at the airport, I rushed home and found the HVAC serviceman waiting at the gate. The professional started by checking the ductwork; the vents were filthy, and some sealing had come off. They redid the duct sealing and replaced some of the worn-out components. I got to learn a thing or two about the boiler. They also fixed the regulator. It was a good learning experience for me, and I was glad they restored the indoor comfort by the afternoon.

Heating tune up