Grandparents live with no A/C

My grandmother and grandfather live in such a delightful climate in their native country.

I have visited them with my parents quite often ever since I was a kid, and I always love it! I love the culture in my country and the food and the friendliness and hospitality of the locals.

My grandparents live very close to the beach so there is a natural cool breeze that blows in from the ocean. I think the hottest that I have ever seen it get over there is no more than in the upper 70s. Typically, it’s a little cooler than that. I only remember a handful of occasions when it was necessary to open the windows in the house to let a cool breeze through and get some ventilation. There is only one time that I can remember when Grandma set up a fan from the closet to oscillate in the living room with the windows open one summer day. I really wish that I lived in such a climate, because my parents and I moved to a hotter and more humid climate when I was just a child. I have gotten used to it, and I do appreciate the fact that we also live somewhat close to the beach, but we have to rely on the air conditioner nearly every month out of the year. In the winter, we sometimes need to use the heat, particularly in December and January, but it is a rare occurrence. I’m starting to wonder how much my grandparents save on their electricity bill from never having to use any sort of heating or air conditioner.



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