The heating and cooling technician insisted I always change the air filter

I got home one day and the kids looked suspiciously at me when I got through the front door. ‘Mom, don’t be upset,” one said, and the other two nodded in agreement. To be honest, I’ve heard that multiple times. I always end up upset! Do they think saying “don’t be upset” can placate my emotions when I find out what they did? Then, I saw three small heads peeking at me at the corner. Oh, no. The kids had brought three kittens to the house. They knew very well I didn’t want any pets. They quickly argued someone had left them at the bus stop, and they found them when they were coming home from school. It had been raining, and the kittens were soaking wet. Before I knew it, I was on the couch cuddling the three cuties; that’s how I became a pet parent. Help was needed with our air quality, when I agreed to let the kittens stay with us. Having pets in your home can affect your indoor air quality. So, I contacted a local technician who inspected my heating and cooling system. The local HVAC business had some useful information about pets and HVAC systems on their blog. I opted to phone them; they sent a worker to my house. We took a look at the air filter and it was covered in hair, and the kittens had only been in the house one week. She explained the breed sheds a lot as well as so I must make sure I change the air filter officially. Her other advice was to get those special air filters that are perfect for homes with pets.


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