Going a whole weekend without air conditioning because I did not know how to check the air filters

Working during the week is stressful once again.

The weekends are what I look forward to the most.

They seem to be much more relaxing and not stressful at all. The first weekend I had away from being back at work, my HVAC system failed. I came home from work that Friday to find that my house seemed awfully stuffy. It does not usually feel stuffy with the air conditioning running. I went right to the thermostat to make sure it was running. I noticed that it was on, but the temperature in the house was not as cool as it should have been. I thought that maybe the thermostat was not functioning properly. I tried to press a couple of different buttons on the thermostat. Nothing happened when I tried to play with the thermostat. I tried going outside to listen to the HVAC unit. I could not hear and weird noises or anything at all. It was not even running. It was very strange so I called my HVAC company right away. I could not figure out why it said it was on but nothing within the HVAC system was running. They came to my house as soon as they were able too. Unfortunately this meant that I waited a couple of days for an HVAC technician to arrive. I had to go the entire weekend without having air conditioning. When he finally did arrive, he had asked me if I had checked the air filters. The HVAC professional walked right outside to the HVAC unit. He opened it up and looked at the air filters. Sure enough, the air filters were clogged. It was still on but the air conditioning would not run. He cleaned up the air filters and pretty soon I heard the system run once again.


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