Our neighbors always wonder why we have an HVAC technician at our house twice a year

There is nothing I love more than people who cannot mind their own business.

I have some nosey next door neighbors.

They are always interested in what I am doing or what is going on at the house. I find them to be quite annoying. Last week, we had the HVAC technician over for a tune up. The technician spent some time outside looking at the HVAC unit out there. Of course, I could see the neighbors from the window in my house. They were staring at the HVAC technician that we had over. They were oddly curious as to why he was at our house. They seem to stare every time we have an HVAC technician over. We do not have an HVAC technician at our house often though. More often, he is at our house in the fall and in the spring to provide our HVAC system with a tune up. We set up these appointments every year. We never want to go without the heat in the winter or the air conditioning in the summer. These tune ups make sure that they do not fail on us during these times. The HVAC technician will clean the system. He will also search for defective parts in the system. He will find the parts that look like they may be getting old. This is because they could cause the system to fail if they stop working. This is how it helps to ensure the system runs for the entire season. My neighbors must not have caught on to this yet. They rarely have an HVAC technician over but I am sure they only do when the system shuts down.