Buying a home and making sure the thermostat is in the right location

It seems like everyone I know is getting married this year.

I have at least five weddings to attend this year. I am really excited for this but I can’t help but think of all the homes that are bought in a year. So many people get married or move or just want to buy a house. I think of all of these people and houses built. Then, I end up thinking about all of the thought that goes into these houses and picking the perfect one. Certainly, I understand that part of a perfect house is the HVAC system. I know that I used to live in a home where the thermostat was fairly close to the HVAC system. So, parts of my house would be very warm or very cool. Other parts of the home, on the opposite end, were not quite as warm or cool. Then, I moved to a newer home and noticed a huge difference. It really does matter where the thermostat is placed in your home. It needs to be placed a space where it is rather far from the actual HVAC unit. This helps to ensure that the entire house is heated or cooled the same way. Never again did I feel like my home was cooler in one part or warmer in another part. The entire house felt the exact same way. I hope that these new homeowners are looking for things like this. I hope that they have someone to tell them this important piece of information. They must want an HVAC technician to look at the home before they purchase it. You should have as many people as you can look at a home before buying.


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