The allergens can bother both of us

There are still a lot of allergens inside of the house that bother my wife and I such as dust, dirt, mildew, and pet dander, but at least we can control the moisture and that helps us control the indoor air quality

There are a lot of allergens inside of the house that can cause a reaction such as sneezing, coughing, or a runny nose. One big problem that can occur inside of your house is mold. Mold can occur in the area around the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. There are a lot of ways to reduce mold in that area. One thing you can do is to buy a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is a special machine that extracts moisture from the air. The moisture is usually deposited in a reservoir. Some large dehumidifiers have a hose that allows the moisture to slowly drain from the machine. I thought it would be a good idea to buy a dehumidifier. I bought one from a hardware store just down the road from the restaurant I like to visit for dinner. The hardware store was having a 30% off sale for all of the large and major appliances. Dehumidifiers were included in the 30% off sale. The dehumidifier works great in the laundry area and the Machine is portable so I can move it all over the house. There are still a lot of allergens inside of the house that bother my wife and I such as dust, dirt, mildew, and pet dander, but at least we can control the moisture and that helps us control the indoor air quality. Getting rid of some of the excess moisture inside of the house also helps the heating and air conditioning system work more efficiently. When the HVAC unit is more efficient I save money and get a longer life out of the machinery.


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It’s hard to manage a large crew

Every time those guys have to work together on a project, I worry there is going to be an issue

A couple of months ago, my boss offered me a promotion and a raise. I honestly thought he was going to fire me when he wrote me an email asking me to come to his office at the end of the day. At the time, I was very excited about the prospect of a new job. The raise made it possible for my family and I to put a pool in the backyard and the promotion was a nice thing to add to my resume. This is my first time ever managing a large crew of men and women. I have a group of 20 certified and independent HVAC contractors on my crew right now. We are working on several commercial projects for one particular builder. The builder is putting up apartments and homes in several cities that are close by and we are handling all of the HVAC work. We will be putting in all of the ductwork, air conditioners, furnaces, and ventilation work. Anything that has to do with the HVAC system will be our responsibility. So far things have been pretty good, but a couple of guys got into an argument last weekend. I don’t think that the problem has been resolved. Every time those guys have to work together on a project, I worry there is going to be an issue. I warned both of the guys that they have to put their HVAC contract work at the top of the priority list. I have a list of contractors waiting to get on the jobsite if anything goes wrong.

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Call to the HVAC supplier

It’s February and I’m not sure that I’m going to make it to spring.

  • Where I come from, February is when the first indicator of spring happens.

I come from the south and we see pollen dusting our cars and stuff outside during February. That was always when my dad would make the call to the HVAC supplier. The heat pump would have been pretty dormant all winter. So dad always made sure that we got an air conditioning tune up before we needed a bunch of air conditioning. I used to complain so much about the heat and humidity we had to deal with. Now, I can’t believe I ever opened my mouth about the weather where I come from. I’m just trying to survive the winter time up here without losing my mind. I can’t go anywhere. I go from the furnace heating of my cabin to the commercial HVAC of the office and that’s it. I don’t want to be exposed to the cold any longer than that. Shoot, I don’t even enjoy opening the door when I order a pizza. And I have a space furnace stashed underneath my desk so I don’t freeze inside the commercial HVAC at my desk. Thankfully, I bought a home that had a new gas furnace. This was all because of my awesome realtor who made sure that new residential HVAC was happening. She even went so far to have a guy come out and winterize the home for me. So while I’m hating this kind of winter, at least the new gas furnace keeps me pretty toasty inside my house.



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I could do better about paying attention to the HVAC in my home

It seems as though I could do better about paying attention to the heating and cooling in my house.

Well really, it’s more cooling than it is the heating.

In fact, I think I’ve heard the heat pump come on for heating maybe a half dozen times all winter. Now that it’s late January, I don’t imagine I’ll hear the heat pump come on for heating again. In this region, spring comes early and the temperatures rise. For my spouse, it’s a sad time because she enjoys the mild temperatures in the winter. She’s from up north and is accustomed to winters that require a gas furnace to survive. When she moved down here, she fell in love with the weather eight weeks of the year. But she is chased inside all day during the summer weeks. That’s not the case for me. While it can wear me down a bit, I like being outside in the garden during the summer. Yet, I also have to be far more careful about gardening around the HVAC device alongside the house. I nearly choked out the heat pump last summer. I think I was getting a bit too hot as I was not paying close attention to what I was doing. Somehow, it seemed like the right idea to throw the tarp I had to toss stuff on as I was weeding the flower beds out there. I just wanted it to dry off in the sunshine while I went in for dinner. I didn’t even think about the air flow restriction this would cause. Fortunately, my spouse saw what I was doing and stopped me before I completely choked out the HVAC equipment.
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Cold from the A/C in the hospital

I always thought I was sort of bulletproof until it was proven that I wasn’t.

  • I went from over confident to completely humbled due to a devastating injury due to an automobile accident.

One moment I was changing the air conditioning in my automobile on a leisurely drive down the interstate and the next, I was waking up in a hospital. And talking about a lot of air conditioning, I remember just being cold in the hospital room. I asked if they could turn down the control unit and they just brought me blankets. Apparently, they keep the cooling at a maximum to limit the spread of bacteria and viruses. That’s good enough for me because once I got home, my control unit was undoubtedly looking after me. I live alone so I had to rely on friends and family to help me out getting to the nurse or to physical therapy. For weeks, I didn’t even have the ability to cook my own food. It was a long recovery process. But the smart control unit I had installed by the HVAC professionals proved to be a vital addition to my house. At least I didn’t need help with the control unit setting. During my recovery, I was in bed a lot and experienced every increasing sensitivity to temperature. Thanks to the app on my phone, I could remotely change the control unit setting from bed or the couch. It sounds like such a small detail but that undoubtedly was something that I celebrated. It might not have been much but looking after my own heating and cooling needs was just this small piece of independence that I clung to.


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Outside of the central A/C and into nature

We call it the lodge because that’s what my dad called it.

And he was the one who helped his grandpa build it.

So maybe it was my great grandpa who came up with calling it the lodge. All the men in my family were hunters for generations. and so having a place that you could go hunting was undoubtedly super important to the men in my family. When I was a kid, my dad would take me up there for deer hunting. It was great to be outside of the central air conditioning of our home and out in nature. However, I just wasn’t all that into the idea of killing such beautiful animals. Of course, my dad explained to me that I eat something that was killed almost every day, then death was part of our reality and that goes with hunting. Still, I left the air conditioning of house less and less the older I became. When dad died, I inherited the lodge and initially thought I would just sell it. However, having 30 acres of pristine land undoubtedly offered me pause for thought. Additionally, I had children of my own who I wanted to experience the lodge with. But the lodge needed a whole lot of renovations to make that happen. We started by adding residential HVAC to that space. The HVAC professionals installed 3 ductless heat pumps in that lodge. It’s a large structure and I’m impressed with how well the ductless heat pumps give the heating and cooling we need. Once we placed the residential HVAC, we turned our attention to other new conveniences like wi-fi and replaced dining room appliances, now the lodge is anywhere my whole family blows to get-together to celebrate being in nature.
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The last place had zone controlled HVAC

It’s just the most decadent time for me.

To others, it entirely seems like another modest, boring family vacation.

But for me, it’s the height of indulging my appetites. This is not something that I do undoubtedly often. I’ve found that structure and discipline win the morning when it comes to achieving what I want to achieve. I spend a lot of tense, stressful hours inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. I have found that getting plenty of exercise, healthy food and fantastic rest is essential to being my best at what I do. And I’m not interested in anything but my best when I’m inside the commercial HVAC of my office. I’m different when I’m not working as I enjoy relaxing and just enjoy my off hours. However, that does not allow me to just indulge the way I might want to. That goes for the air conditioning setting and my strict bedtime. But breaking the rules is what vacation is all about for me. Again, this might be lame to other people but ordering anything I want off of a menu for 2 weeks straight is a little slice of heaven. It’s also charming to be able to stay in a vacation rental instead of a hotel room. I enjoy staying in vacation rentals because of the residential HVAC. The last place we stayed even had zone controlled HVAC like we do in the office. My wife and I had a control unit in the master dining room all on our own. I can promise you that I cranked that cooling the whole time I was on vacation. That’s so not in character for me when I’m at home as the control unit setting is not negotiable. That’s so we do not rack up sizable heating and cooling costs. I just love vacation.
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Ductwork cleaning more often at our home

It won’t be long before we have the air duct cleaning done for the fourth time in a row. We are now making air duct cleaning a yearly thing to coincide with spring cleaning. Then, once all that is done, the air conditioning tune up takes place and we’re ready to deal with summer. So as we are nearing the end of winter, I will be placing the call to the HVAC supplier to do the air duct cleaning. This is the final step in our spring cleaning. I mean, we take this yearly chore seriously. My spouse and I undoubtedly take a Friday off so we can spend the better part of a multiple day weekend scouring our home. It isn’t as exhausting as it seems. We keep a fairly tidy home anyway. But we just never seem to have the time to transfer furniture and get a deep clean on the house. So that’s why we make this an annual event. Actually, we kind of enjoy it. However 3 years ago, we were having a glass of wine, all happy with our spring cleaning effort. Then, my spouse and I witnessed this sort of dust ball floating down from the air duct. It blew our minds and that’s when we called the HVAC supplier for our first air duct cleaning followed by an air duct resealing. That’s how air duct cleaning became the capper on the spring cleaning event. So we’ll start planning all of that up soon. It’s great to go into the summer with a sealed up home and the air conditioning knowing that everything is super clean.


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I didn’t think the A/C would last this long

I don’t think I ever expected the residential HVAC that we inherited to last this long.

  • It’s remarkable undoubtedly because we negotiated a much better price on this home because of the HVAC equipment.

The previous owner was not at all interested in any sort of large cost outlay to sell this locale. She just wanted out. Thankfully, we had a skilled realtor who got thousands of dollars off the price of the home thanks to the position of the seller. We were so convinced that we’d need to update the HVAC device sooner rather than later, that we put some cash away. Well, that savings has grown and grown over the 15 years we’ve loved quality heating and air from that ancient heat pump. Of course, getting the sort of consistent, seasonal HVAC repair that it needed sure helped. That ancient residential HVAC just kept on going and going. But finally, we noticed late last summer that it was not keeping up with air conditioning demand the way it once did. It seemed like the heat pump was running a lot. That was confirmed by the utility bill and the HVAC professional. It was time to finally tap those savings and update the heating and cooling equipment. With all the savings that had accrued, we were able to go with the undoubtedly latest in residential HVAC. And of course, we made the choice to go with all the cool HVAC technology like a smart control unit and zone controlled HVAC. As much as I am thrilled with the amazing quality heating and air of the new HVAC unit, I still have to tip my cap to that ancient heat pump.


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I like working in the central A/C in my home

I found out early on that I liked working from the central air conditioning of my house.

And I was shocked by that realization.

When I started hearing the rumors that we’d be sent home from the zone controlled HVAC comfort of our offices, I was horrified. In fact, I went to bosses and managers pleading my case to remain inside the commercial HVAC of the office as part of the skeleton crew. I was rebuffed in my request and found myself turning the room into what I thought was a temporary office. That’s not how it has turned out at all. That house office became undoubtedly permanent once I had the ductless heat pump installed. My house office is at the end of the house, exposed to sunshine all morning and exposed on 3 sides. It’s warm there even with the air conditioning on. So when I took the supplier up on its offer to stay remote, I took it. They undoubtedly didn’t even have to give me the bonus incentive. But I was glad to take it. I put it right toward having the HVAC professionals come out and install a ductless heat pump in my now permanent office. It works amazingly well and is super efficient. I can turn down the main control unit during the peak heating of the morning and save on air conditioning costs. That’s how efficiently the ductless heat pump provides cooling to my office. I like the freedom that working from home has given me. I start really, undoubtedly early so I have the freedom to do other things at times during the morning. As long as I get my work done, appear for online meetings and meet expectations, the rest of my day is mine.

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