The job keeps me sane

Wow, I was just looking at bitcoin and a few weeks ago it dropped massively than two days… Wow! That means if you dropped $10,000 – from money you saved from the local supplier you task at – it would be down to 10 cents in just more than two days, and some people did just that.

This is why the founder of one variety is apparently wanted by the international police in Europe and will really be going to prison. Unreal. Imagine genuinely working for twenty several years at a trusted local Heating as well as A/C corporation, saving all of your money, and then dumping it all in some investment only to lose it all more than two days later. This is a reality for some hundreds of people who invested in the coin and now they have all lost all of their lifelong investments. I lost mine too however it took half a year, which still doesn’t make myself and others feel much better about it. I still have my Heating as well as A/C unit service task and I am piling more into coins that hopefully will climb again and get myself and others easily out of this hole I dug myself into. I guess if I get the money back I am going to quit all manner of crypto investing altogether. It’s just been too stressful. I could just put my hard earned Heating as well as A/C supplier money in the bank and sleep much better in the evening. I’ve l gained a lot though from doing this crypto trading the past couple of years, though. I want to buy a new Heating as well as A/C system next summer and am hoping my money will explode by then so I can afford it.


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The cheese keeps me weak in the knees

I was genuinely craving this one dinner so I went to the local companies and bought the stuff to make it.

It cost $10 for the several grilled cheese sandwiches and a bowl of pickle soup and was worth it.

That is pretty cheap for a tasty meal that totally satisfied my hunger completely. I would have paid over $18 in a diner and maybe even closer to $25 with tax and tip, so I saved a superb amount making it at home. And I used genuinely high quality bread and bio cheese. The a/c supplier near myself and others is going to be rapidly closing down soon and is having a sale on all of the Heating as well as A/C unit in stock so I will be going there later to see if there is anything I need for the flat. I guess they are rapidly opening in a new location on the other side of town not too far from where they are now. I happen to recognize they want a bigger office and warecondo because they are growing and clearly need more sections to keep all of the heating and cooling equipment. I may ask them if they will be hiring in the new place because I could use a little more money each month since my utilities have gotten easily overpriced lately. I could be an HVAC worker. It makes myself and others scared to turn on my a/c now as my last bill was just half the cost of my rent. That is alarming! I recognize heating and air con are probably going to be more in the luxury department in my flat from now on.
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I want to take a gander of their supplies

The a/c professional who rapidly came to my condo to tune up my Heating as well as A/C system told myself and others several times over that his task is closing down and that they are having deep discounts on everything.

I have quite a scheduled day today with my task online and a guest coming over to stay with myself and others for 10 days.

I genuinely don’t have much to do with my little flat as it is already wash and organized, however I do have a superb chunk of work to do today first… and need to get it done within the next few minutes. So, I’m not sure I’ll have enough time to hit that Heating as well as A/C supplier and look around, however tomorrow my entire day is fairly slow so I will really go there then and see what is left. I also need to fit in a workout today. I played a lot of ball with the AC expert Last week and my shoulders are paying for it. I haven’t been sleeping too well because when I roll on either side I wake up from the pain. It should be gone soon though, and then I’ll be back to it. The cooling worker told myself and others he is pretty sore too so he is not playing any games for a few days to heal. The people I was with and I both kind of overdid it lately since the moderate weather has been so nice and a lot of people were out there playing last week. I’ll probably go get my Heating as well as A/C system task done and then hit the beach for a quick workout.



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There’s art and there’s work

I can deliver you a clear cut example of how I turned a bad day into a superb day.

I didn’t sleep last evening and awoke early thinking about how much task I had to do working online for this local business.

I went for an afternoon ride and swim and still wasn’t feeling great, however I still told myself that I am going to just do my Heating as well as A/C system task as best as possible and not judge it in the process. I just mindlessly did what I had to do (clearly) and listened to songs while time passed. After a while I looked back and saw that basically all of my task had been done, almost as though someone else swooped in and did it for me. I guess this is a superb way to get through difficult tasks including cleaning the HVAC duct in a tepid attic or trying to program a new smart control unit in your house. Just attempt to let the task happen and notice it being done while not judging the fact of you love doing it or not. You can love cleaning dirty ducts in an old time Heating as well as A/C system if you tell yourself how much fun it is. Or if you don’t think about it at all and just get it done. I mean, that is the way I love to do things that aren’t deemed as fun. Being an expert Heating as well as A/C specialist is usually a nice way to work, however sometimes you have to get tepid and sweaty in an insulated attic, so you learn to get by. I hope this meant something to you. I should be someone’s life coach, see ya!



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The town will be taken over

Things are gonna get a little spooky and startling in this town as the horror film people descend in with their films shown in the local businesses.

Last year they even had a zombie walk where a whole bunch of people were zombies and walked the town in a trance.

My Heating as well as A/C rep and my best Heating as well as A/C tech friends were doing the walk too. If you didn’t recognize before then what was going on you may have been shaken up a bit as they looked and walked as zombies. I was genuinely working at the heating and cooling shop so I couldn’t do the halloween walk myself. I wonder if that could ever happen as all of the films depict. Today I am going to task on my small section of oil furnace and service the cord that is currently broken and get it ready for the cold days that will be coming soon. I currently guess all of us have about 1 more month at the most of warmish weather and then I believe things are going south for several weeks. Usually September requires some indoor heating in the afternoon so that means all of us are only more than two or three weeks away from the cold days. I love going for a ride on my bike each afternoon when it is cold as it gives myself and others a jolt of energy, especially whenever I plunge in the chilly sea, which I will be doing soon once the temps start dropping and the sea cools right down. I’m off to service this radiant oil furnace of mine.

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There’s biofreeze for a reason

If you ever have joint or muscle pain, maybe find some Biofreeze gel and give it a shot.

It utilizes the pain gate theory of blocking pain by confusing the stupid brain with the crossed signals it receives.

The brain confuses the cold from the biofreeze gel with the actual pain and basically stops the pain for a few minutes as I gained from talking with my heating supplier friend. I’ve used it on my shoulders and knees when they get genuinely hurting and it worked well. I learned about it when I had shoulder pain and they slathered it on both shoulders. The local supplier near myself and others always sells it so I have an endless supply if I need it. I have a large bucket in hand that my cooling rep got me, and it should last myself and others through the entirety of Winter time as I don’t have as much pain then because I’m not playing so much while I was in the cold season. I try to avoid taking too much ibuprofen now, since my Heating as well as A/C worker told myself and others it caused problems with his liver. I hope I didn’t cause too much damage from it. I will go to the heating corp today in order to get a new cord for my section heater, which I ordered a couple weeks ago and apparently it finally arrived last evening. I need to service this oil furnace because the ice cold days are moving in pretty fast as all of us near the middle of October. I am going to avoid overusing the central Heating as well as A/C system this season to save some money this winter.


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We’re almost a ghost town now

The people I was with and I have only a few more days of this festival, which actually starts tomorrow, and then the town is actually going to be quite barren for a while as the Winter time season and cold weather rolls rapidly in.

  • It looks as if it is going to start dipping down into the mid 50’s at evening in about a single month or so, warranting some central heat in my flat to keep the chill out of the air.

I personally need to get that furnace filter cleaned soon so that I don’t sneeze when my heat turns on for the first time this year. Well, actually my heat was on briefly earlier this year up until about March when the weather started heating back up again. I’m looking forward to some tasty grilled cheese sandwiches with soup to keep myself and others sizzling on those cold Winter time days. It’s not exactly Winter time yet and my heating isn’t turned on yet, however I guess today I will go and treat myself to a grilled cheese sandwich in a bit. I have to go to more than two local supplier companies to get everything however they are all located pretty close to 1 another. It’ll probably take myself and others about twenty minutes to get everything and get back to the apartment to make it so I am going to bite the bullet and go do it right away now before I get much hungrier. The Heating as well as A/C specialist I task with easily got myself and others hooked on this dinner combo a while ago and I still like having it. : )

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I want to browse the stock

The air conditioning business who came to my house recently to tune up my Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system told me that his work is completely closing down as well as that they are having deep discounts on everything to empty out the store.

I have quite a stressed afternoon today with my work online so I truly don’t have time. But there isn’t too much to do with the flat as it is already scrubbed as well as organized. It’s just that I do have a wonderful chunk of work to do today as well as need to get it done rapidly within the next few hours. So, I’m not sure I’ll have time to hit up that Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C company as well as look around, but tomorrow I know my afternoon is fairly slow so I will truly go there then as well as see what is left. I actually also need to get in a workout today as it has been a few days since doing any kind of regular exercise. I played a lot of ball with the A/C expert Last month as well as my knees are paying for it. I haven’t been sleeping well because when I roll on one side I wake up from the pain. It should be gone soon though. The cooling worker told me he is pretty sore too so apparently he is not playing for a few days to heal. Both of us both kind of overdid it last weekend as the weather has been so nice as well as a lot of people were out there playing hard. I’ll go get my Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system work done as well and then hopefully hit the beach for a quick workout.

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We all take risks sometimes

I just bought over 10k Polygons as it looks as if it is going to take off faster than the Compound I was holding.

I’m taking the extra money I receive from my Heating as well as A/C industry task and betting once again on cryptos, but this is all just a game basically, a game with real money just as when you go gambling.

I’m trying to receive more money so that I can run my high tech central air conditioner more while it is tepid out; But let’s call a spade a spade, though… cryptos are just online gambling, more or less. I’ve lost a ton trading them however I am somehow still betting that I can get it back again when, and if, the next bull run happens! I’m working more for the local company and I’m going to try and buy a total of 20K Polygons, which is a far cry from the 35,000 coins I had a few weeks ago. I would love to be able to task more as an Heating as well as A/C expert and just pile all of my savings into well ranking cryptos and take another gamble that it is going to climb again. It could take several years to do so, however of course that just gives myself and others more time to buy more. I have a lot of faith in cryptos and so does my acquaintance, the Heating as well as A/C supplier, as he has bought a crazy amount of the things lately while I was in this recent bear market. He’s basically staking his Heating as well as A/C unit store on the bull market coming soon. I recognize time will once deliver the answer.

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I will teach you to volley

I have a new student who wants to learn the fun and exciting activity of beach volleyball.

He is a small boy who just cares about to play so I am going to give him a shot and train him over the next few weeks.

I guess all of us will do the training four times a month and I should have him a lot better in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping that somehow by next summer time he will be ready to play several on several, which is actually the king of volleyball games in my opinion. The Heating as well as A/C rep who personally owns the local supplier genuinely wants his son to get superb at the activity since he also cares about it so much. I wish I started playing at 14 years old, myself! I was too focused on my work in the Heating as well as A/C industry as a heating and cooling intern. I didn’t pick up volleyball till I was 25 years or so, but I still had a superb run in the activity, winning lots of tournaments and making a lot of friends. I have to finish my online task with my Heating as well as A/C unit writings and sometime after that I will hit the beach for a light workout before training this boy. I’m sure he is gleeful to be taking a lesson from myself and others so I am going to supply him the excitement back and make it a fun day. The people I was with and I will train by this local heating and cooling supplier which has cold a/c for after the session to hang out and relax.

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